Monday, February 25, 2008

The Strange Case of the Absent Floor

Mr. Door Tree had some really nice wash covers by Jerry Grandenetti on display over at his Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog last Monday, so to compliment those posts I have one of my favorite Grandenetti creations for you today too--- From the Secret Files of Dr. Drew! Presented here in his very first appearance, Dr. Drew became an ongoing staple in Fiction House’s Rangers Comics, starting with issue #47 in 1949, where he subsequently stalked the unknown all the way to issue #60 until 1951.

Originally presented in the June 1949 issue of Ranger Comics #47


Mr. Karswell said...

I hope everyone enjoys this story because I would love to post more in the future. If anyone has any other Dr. Drew files that they would like to share / submit please let me know.

And before everyone starts piling on the Will Eisner comparisons, let it first be known that Jerry was Eisner’s chief assistant on The Spirit series and even ghosted many of the later Spirit strips.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Off-topic post again (though it does mention Dr. Drew).
I thouht some might be interested in the actual content of The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics.

Here is a listing of all the pre-code stories included, followed by a brief summary of the post-code stuff (I don't list the individual stories for these, just which titles they came from and how many stories).

The Man Who Would Be Fate - Hand of Fate #21 (1954)
Grave Rehearsal - Strange Fantasy #7 (1953)
The Fatal Scalpel - Haunted Thrills #5 (1953) - as reprinted by Eerie Publications
---Comic Media
Hitler's Head- Weird Terror #1 (1952)
Den of Horror - Weird Terror #3 (1953)
A Glimpse of the Pit - Horrific #9 (1954)
---E. Levy
Famous Tales of Terror: The Black Cat - Yellowjacket Comics #1 (1944)
---Fiction House
Stalkers of the Unknown (The Secret Files of Dr. Drew) - Rangers Comics #49 (1949)
The Thing That Walked at Night - Ghost Comics #9 (1953)
Marching Zombies - Black Cat Mystery #35 (1952)
He - Black Cat Mystery #38 (1952)
Dungeon of Doom - Chamber of Chills #6 (1952)
The Corpse That Wouldn't Die - Web of Evil #2 (1952)
Bride of Death - Adventures Into Darkness #7 (1952)
Dead Man's Revenge - Shocking Mystery Cases #50 (1952)
The Horror of the Walking Corpse - Dark Mysteries #16 (1954)
Terror of the Stolen Legs - Dark Mysteries #18 (1954)
The Living-Dead - Dark Mysteries #20 (1954)
Partners in Blood - Journey Into Fear #6 (1952)
No Rest For the Dead - Journey Into Fear #12 (1953)
The Hand of Glory - Chilling Tales #13 (1952)

Ghost Stories (Dell), Web of Horror (Major Magazines) [2], Ghostly Haunts (Charlton) [2], Weird (Eerie Publications), Psycho (Skywald) [2], Ghostly Tales (Charlton), Nightmare (Skywald)
Death Rattle (Kitchen Sink), Twisted Tales (Pacific) [2],, Demon Dreams (Pacific), Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse), Deadworld (Arrow). The Haunter of the Dark [Lovecraft] (Oneiros Books), Robert E. Howard's Myth Maker (Cross Plains), The Confessor Demonicus ex-Deo (Dark Matter Press)
From the Tomb (Peter Normanton) [2], Bedlam, Immortal: A Vampire Tale (Black Boar Press), Fleshrot Tales From the Dead, Drawing Your Nightmares (Dark Horse), Nightmares & Fairy Tales (Slave Labor Graphics), Morbid (Dark Horse), Zacherly's Midnite Terrors (Chanting Monk Press)

Anonymous said...

Great '40's style illustrations.

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the Mammoth info! Sounds like there's lots of good stuff included.

Anonymous said...

This seems like an interesting series and hero,Atlas's Rex Lane and National's Dr.13 are admittedly better characterized,but theres somenthing creepy about Drew and the downbeat ending which makes it more compelling.this could be a lost classic.

Mr. Door Tree said...


Many thanks for posting this beautiful Dr. Drew story by Grandenetti! What the Dr. Drew stories lack in characterization is more than made up for by some of Grandenetti's most striking art!

Mr. Karswell said...

In '94 Horror House Press put out an issue of black and white Dr. Drew reprints called Demon Dreams of Doctor Drew #1:

I'm not sure if they ever released any follow up issues but #1 has 3 stories total, (including the one I posted today), plus The Devil's Violin from Rangers #56 and Sabina the Sorceress from Rangers #56. This was actually my first intro to Dr Drew many years ago, but of course nothing compares to the Doc in full color!

>Atlas's Rex Lane and National's Dr.13

There's still one Rex Lane story left that I'd love to post if anyone would like to submit it from Young Men #21, it's called "R.I.P. Rest In Peace." And if anyone has any available Dr. 13 scans please drop me a line at too! Thanks HP!

Mr. Karswell said...

>more than made up for by some of Grandenetti's most striking art!

I agree! Grandinetti is/was one of the most underrated talents in all of comicdom. And it's possible the Dr Drew characterization developed more in his remaining appearances in Ranger Comics. We really shouldn't be too critical of a first issue appearance without fully knowing what came after.

Uncle Ernie said...

I first say Grandinetti's art in the Warren books of the 60's. It took me a little while to warm up to his quirky angles; but I learned to look forward to his work.

Anonymous said...

Dr Drew has that Submariner look.

John R. Platt said...

Man, I love Dr. Drew. I'd love to read more of these stories.

The Vicar of VHS said...

>Man, I love Dr. Drew

Nice to see what he was doing before he met Adam Carolla and his career took a downward turn. ;)

Skeletongue said...

So good. Thanks for posting this, I'd love to see more. I'm a sucker for anything from that old Eisner mold. Man, those building, those panels, that first setup page! So good.

Mr. Karswell said...

>Thanks for posting this, I'd love to see more.

Your welcome Skeletongue... to see more Dr Drew head on over to the Golden Age Comic Book blog:

Mr Door Tree has a post up today as well, it's in black and white but it's a great one!