Thursday, March 31, 2022

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Many people have referred to the horror comics of the 50's as "disposal entertainment", and maybe that's true, but occasionally precode comics also offered invaluable information over the years as well-- like in this story from the May 1953 issue of Fight Against Crime #13. Did you know that the apparent old Chinese custom of burying fish heads in your garden helps to create wonderful fertilizer? Now you do. And if you've also read the title of todays post, then you probably already know exactly where this smarty written, predictably awesome crime creeper is (be)headed!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Beyond the Grave

Even if he hadn't signed the splash, precode 50's horror lovers and long time followers of this blog could / should / would immediately recognize the unmistakable, and wonderfully weird work of the one and only, Rudy Palais. And here he is in the shivery Silver Age and still deliverin' the sensationally sweaty goods for Charlton comics this time around-- from the joltin' June 1967 issue of Ghostly Tales #61.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Spawn of the Cat

We have a rather eye-poppin', frisky, feline foray into the old big top of terror today, from the October 1953 issue of Weird Mysteries #7. There's an interesting use of lighting throughout this tale, some of which seems less about color printing drop-outs, and a bit more on the intentional side of portraying lovely Felicia as wearing a lot less than she really seems to be! And if you think I'm complaining, think again! So, step right up, and for one measly little dime, you too can feast your unbelieving eyes on the greatest meow on Earth!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Dead of Night!

We've seen a few posts around here based on Henry Kuttner's classic, "Graveyard Rats" story (HERE!), so how about another one, (this time with a mole spin), and art by the always wonderfully weird, Bernie Krigstein. From the April 1952 issue of Marvel tales #106, plus a bonus post code story today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, this one from the frightfully fantastic, February 1956 issue of Marvel Tales #143.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Don't Turn Around!

Surprised this eerie Bill Everett heart-pounder hasn't found it's way into the THOIA Archive by now! It's a short but shivery one, and sure to FILL YOU with an AWFUL FEELING of, umm, dread. From the awesome April 1952 issue of Marvel Tales #106 --and a truly classic cover by rockin' Russ Heath too!)

Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Living-Dead

Time to head back into the ghastly cold grave of putrid precode, Golden Age era ghoulishness with a creepy Jon D'Agostino chiller from the October 1954 issue of Dark Mysteries #20. A perfect little tale to chatter your teeth on a weird wintery day such as this...

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Strangers in Our Midst

Fans of John Carpenter's unique 80's sci-fi action film, They Live, may find some interestingly familiar plot details about today's post, courtesy of the November 1967 issue of Dell's The Outer Limits #16. And I guess maybe I've already said too much, so without further spoiler ado, let's just let the story do the talking-- as well as the art, because like our previous Outer Limits post, the illustrations here are also by Jack Sparling. Now, who brought the bubble gum?