Saturday, April 28, 2018

From the Graves They Crept

It's the unlucky 13th post of April 2018 (man, I haven't posted 13 stories in one month since January 2015!), and lucky for you it's a creeptacular overload of worm-riddled, zombie vengeance from the March 1954 issue of The Beyond #25. Jim McLaughlin seriously pulled out all of the undead stops he had up his sleeve for this one! We'll see everyone right back here in May, and stay tombed-- unless your tomb needs an upgrade!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lair of the Spidery Fiend

As if our last tale wasn't crazy enough, here's another one from the same May 1953 issue of The Beyond #20. Seriously, Lair of the Spidery Fiend packs more into one standard length, 7-page Ace story than most comics these days can muster in a half dozen issues altogether! Some truly bonkers artwork from Dick Beck and George Klein as well! See what you think...

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Calling All Ghouls

Let's keep the Ace terror train a'rollin' for a few more posts, as we belt a shivery shout-out for a kooky Chic Stone mad science classic from the May 1953 issue of The Beyond #20.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Lou Cameron's Unsleeping Dead

In stores NOW is another fine hardcover collection from our Chilling Archives of Horror Comics line, and this time it's another spotlight artist edition focused solely on the one and only ::drumroll:: Lou Cameron! If you've followed this blog over the years then his name already means something wonderfully weird and extra special to you, and we at IDW / Yoe Books are SUPER excited about this horrifically fun, monster overload-- featuring 144 pages of slammin' jammin' Cameron! Click HERE to order your copy NOW! And as always, THOIA has a FULL STORY example of Lou's extremely delirious output, a rather biting little werewolf tale with a very different twist! Get it NOW!

("Fangs of the Fiend" originally appeared in the July 1954 issue of The Beyond #27.)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Your Grave is Ready (Again)

The good news is Werewolf Wednesdays are back. The bad news is they're unfortunately a day late. But the additional good news: it's a really hairy scary wolf man tale from the March 1953 issue of The Unseen #9. The additional bad news is you might've already seen this story here if you've been following this blog for at least the last 4 years. But! More good news is that if you did see this story here, it was the black and white reprint version from Eclipse as featured in their short-lived Seduction of the Innocent series (re-open that grave HERE.) The other bad news is-- well... there really isn't any more bad news, because the final bit of good news is this is the original 50's COLOR version and now you can finally start reading the goddamn story already-- good? Good.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dr. Acula

Sometimes THOIA has trouble keeping up with the actual REAL HORRORS of the world (see our current state of war and politics), and sometimes you just gotta fight back with something extra gruesome 'n brutal, or in today's case-- something overloaded with an extra goofy, heaping pile of cheeseball corn! So batten down your booby hatches and try to have yourself a good laugh today (please try to overlook the page scan quality as well as your world news) with this bit of EC-esque lunacy from the madcap March 1954 issue of Super Funnies #2. Yep, Superior Publishers put out some funny books as well, *GASP GAG!* and they actually weren't too bad!

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Purple Mists!

Hey, it's SCARY SCI-FI FRIDAY so let's blast off for a gruesome little tale o'tomorrow adventure that I think you all will really enjoy-- highlighted by some super spooky art from HORRORS OF IT ALL fave and friend, Hy Fleischman! So Happy Friday the 13th, fiends, and what ever you do-- stay away from the mists!! AIEEEEE!!! (Cover art by Bernard Baily)

From the March 1953 issue of Weird Tales of the Future #6.