Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Haunt from the Sea (CONTEST)

It's the last day of September and ::drum roll:: it’s contest time again! And here we have a strange sort of “love story” from the May 1952 issue of Journey into Fear #7. And as you shall see, this one ultimately ends on a weird, perverse bit o’shivery implication... hence the subject for our THOIA contest today (please read the details after the story.)

But first, dive into the sea, and fall in love with the---



Did you read today’s story? When you got to the excruciatingly vague narrative in the final panel, did your brain snap? So howz'about you do us all a favor and finish this mother out. In a nutshell, explain to everyone what it is that is “too intricate for mere man to comprehend.” Unless of course you are just a mere man or woman with no comprehension of what could have possibly happened next. And yes dearest contestants, that is my challenge to you.

You have until Friday, October 3rd MIDNIGHT to give us your best answer, it can be posted here on THOIA in the comments section, but please include your name---this is very important! Or be super secretive and email your stunning finale directly to me at karswell@hotmail.com So make it good, make it shocking, make it disturbing, or maybe make it sexy. Whatever you do though please make it interesting because people ::more drum roll:: Dr. Phibes will be judging! And, simply put, he is the most harsh and unruly of all THOIA Judges.

He even has a few words for you now, so listen up, yo:

To all my friends at THOIA:
Karswell has asked me to pass judgment on today's contest. (He also gave me a strange piece of parchment, but I'm not sure what that is about.) Anyway, I'm looking for creativity. Remember, I once killed a man with a unicorn head and a catapult. I want to hear the craziest logic, the most far fetched scenarios. Lay it on thick and heavy, like the makeup I wear to hide my hideous skull face. I look forward to your responses, which I'll have Vulnavia read to me while dancing to my Clockwork Wizards band.
Good Luck.
---Dr. Phibes
PRIZE: The lucky 1st place winner gets a THOIA tee shirt and some extra surprise bonus stuff... and one runner-up will get their bloody paws on something spooky cool too. If you’ve already won a THOIA shirt in the past I’ll give you something else, probably from my DVD or longbox collection. Winners will be announced on Saturday morning, October 4th.
Good luck to all! Now, play dirty…

Monday, September 29, 2008

Port of Terror!

Okay, after yesterday’s somewhat lighthearted spooky cop tale it’s only fair to come back swingin’ with a big 10-page creeper starring one very decapitated fella on a vicious voyage of blood thirsty vengeance. Hang onto your hat-- and whatever you got inside it!

From Fawcett’s 1952 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #3


Strange Suspense Stories #3 (cover)

TOMORROW: Bolt your thinking caps back onto your bloody severed neck stumps cuz it’s time for another THOIA CONTEST!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Secret of the Moaning Ghosts

Sergeant Spook originated in the June 1940 issue of Blue Bolt Comics #1, and thus appeared in most issues throughout the entire legendary comic book series run for nearly 10 years. A simple premise: As a policeman killed in action, Sergeant Spook returns from the dead in supernatural form to fight crime. He’s a fun character, kind of like a Copper Topper (hee hee, I made a funnee) and today’s cool juvenile weirdie comes from the Daring Adventures #9 reprint from 1963.

For more Sgt. Spook info click HERE.

Plus, take a look at the two spooky tales Pappy's got cookin' today from Ghost Comics #3, click HERE!


And for more kool kiddy horror fun this weekend be sure to check out Magic Carpet Burn’s recent posting of Melvin the Monster #10 (aka #1) in it’s entirety starting right HERE.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Nightmare Monster!

Time for more rousing action and adventure, ripped from the dark 'n spooky annals of Crime Bustin’ Horror Mystery Comics, and who’s the current favorite around THOIA? Why, it’s none other than Lance Storm of course, appearing here for his third fist flyin’ time (also HERE and HERE) …but in today’s yarn he may have just met his match! Eh, probably not. Storm always takes a lickin’, but he sure keeps on tickin’.

From the July 1952 issue of Crime Mysteries #2

Thanks again to Brian Hirsch for the scans! Lance Storm returns next month just in time for Halloween, in: Seance of Horror!

Vintage Acne Ads
And speaking of licking, meet the man who can tell YOU how to lick pimples! Ewww! Man, even back in the day, comic book publishers were spot-on about the naturally poor hygiene of their socially doomed, cursed clientele.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Witch Woman

From the October 1952 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #13 stalks the final tale in our week-long look at Atlas Comics super fine Journey series, featuring gorgeous art, possibly by the great Carmine Infantino (anyone know for sure?) I challenge you to look at the splash panel and then try not to read this entire tale immediately.

And Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a great week… news on this weekend’s posts follows the story.

And whatever you do, don’t miss our Horror Crime Busters weekend starting tomorrow when Lance Storm returns for a no holds barred, knock-down-drag-out against --- The Nightmare Monster! And on Sunday Sergeant Spook finally materializes on the THOIA scene to kick the shit out of some ghosts in the old haunted orphan asylum. Fun stuff for the kooky kiddies currently trapped inside of all of you. See ya!

Thursday, September 25, 2008