Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Thing from the Sea

Bye bye November, we hardly knew ya. This actually turned out to be a cool month… lots of new friends and some really fun comments. Let’s keep it going next month too, and never forget that you guys ‘n ghouls are a huge part of this blog, (as much as the pre-code posts themselves), so tell yer friends, tell yer enemies, tell the thing from the sea… and I’ll see you all in December.

From the October 1952 issue of Adventures into Darkness #6

For another Thing from the Sea (from the archives from last May) click HERE!
AND COMING IN DECEMBER: Monsters! Ghost Stories for Christmas! Epic Sci-Fi Horrors! Another "Stupidest Killers" Weekend! And more! And how about a THOIA Contest where you pre-code experts write a story of your own and the winner gets to see it fully illustrated? Does that sound like fun?


Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Groping Ghost

Finishing out the weekend and month with our Standard Comics theme, here’s a wild one from the great Jack Katz, with some much appreciated “headlight” panels on the final pages. A "groping ghost" indeed...

From the October 1952 issue of Adventures into Darkness #6

TOMORROW: A soggy seaweed Sunday awaits yee...

Time for some fun 'n games, but don't have too much fun... remember, you are trapped in a land of terror after all.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Coin of Evil / The Mask of Graffenwehr

Today’s first story from the January 1954 issue of Out of the Shadows #11 pulls no punches in revealing where its inspiration comes from… which is fine by me, because the original W.W. Jacobs terror classic is one of my favorite stories of all time, and any variation is most welcome here at THOIA. Enjoy!

SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Our Standard Comics Fest continues with a pesky ghost and waterlogged zombie! Weird fun from one of the wilder publishers of pre-code...


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The Mask of Graffenwehr

And finally, a 2-page supernatural quickie from Alex Toth and Mike Peppe. It’s not everyday you get a brain splatter panel here at THOIA. Enjoy your post-Thanksgiving Day gizzard stuffing leftovers too!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Hungry Lodger

Happy Murdered Turkey Day everyone. I do hope that you’ve arrived here hungry today, hungry for HORROR! And if not, then go out and burn some dead leaves or run around the cemetery a few times or something... work yourself up a real good appetite--- and then hurry back!

From the June 1952 issue of The Unseen #5

QUESTION: When is a monkey's paw not really a monkey's paw? Find out tomorrow!


La Cabellera (aka Return of the Wig)

And for those of you who enjoyed The Wig story that we presented on Monday, here’s a neat peek at a couple of pages from the foreign re-make version courtesy of my friend Carlos Federici way down there in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Carlos explains: “…I found significant coincidences between “The Wig”, which appeared recently in your blog from the Spanish version of “This Magazine Is Haunted” #14, called “La Cabellera”. I think the art belongs to Bud Thompson (who is also known by having illustrated some “Captain Marvel, Jr.” adventures.) The first, second and final pages are attached; sorry about the bad shape of the scans, but it happens when comic-books are bound in thick volumes.”

Thanks again for the scans Carlos... I would certainly love to see more foreign re-make comparisons such as these of any pre-code horror stories... and if you THOIA readers like this sort of thing too please let us know.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


“Werewolf Wednesday” has just pounced upon you with this strange lycanthrope tale from the August 1954 issue of Out of the Shadows #14. Does anyone else question the oddball design decision of this creature? I can't figure out if I hate it or totally love the hell out of it. Ahh well, "Ahhhh-ooooooo!"

TOMORROW: Feeding your Thanksgiving hunger--- THOIA style!

Factual Bonus Quickie:


And for even more wild werewolf fun today head over to The Prof’s Magic Carpet Burn blog-o-boo for a THOIA submitted hairy heap of humorous horror by Dick Ayers, and from the April 1954 issue of Crazy #5!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scream in the Night / The Get-Away

Okay, I lied about the attacking false eyelashes... but take away the phony accessories and you still have some spooky eyes today, plus more starkly efficient artwork from the criminally underrated Mike Roy.

PLUS: A Beelzebuddy Bonus, both from the February 1954 issue of The Unseen #13.

TOMORROW: Wednesdays with Werewolves! Grrr-rowr!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wig / Retribution

For most of this week we’ll be looking at scary selections of Standard Comics, from titles like Adventures into Darkness, Out of the Shadows and The Unseen, plus various other odds ‘n ends… kicking it off with an eerie Mike Roy weirdie today--- so hang onto your hat man, and don’t flip yer wig!

From the January 1954 issue of Out of the Shadows #11

TOMORROW: More Mike Roy.


PLUS: A 2-page bonus quickie featuring a startlingly brutal pickaxe murder panel.