Saturday, November 28, 2009

How I Conquered a Terrible Plague

Sunday's the final day of Pierre's fabulous "Boris Karloff Blogathon" at Frankensteinia, and THOIA has one more Dick Briefer Frankenstein tale for you as well, this time from the earlier kids humor series, or more precisely the Nov-Dec 1946 issue of Frankenstein #5. And kudos again to Pierre on a tremendous job well done with the Blogathon too! See ya'll in Dec!

Click HERE for another fun Frankie story from this issue, courtesy of the THOIA Archives! It's-- How I Had (and Lost) a Pet Dinosaur!

Vintage AD
(w/the glow-in-the-dark tie again that everyone's so fond of!)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Voyage of Death / The Spirit of the Leopard

Todays posting of "Voyage of Death" completes the March 1952 issue of Frankenstein #18, (including the filler tale about a leopard girl.) I'll try to get a couple more quality posts up before November is over, but in the meantime get over to The Vault of Horror blog this week and cast your vote in the first annual 2009 "Ms. Horror Blogosphere" contest... doesn't take a genius to know who I voted for, how about showing some love as well?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Rebirth of the Monster

With the March 1952 issue of Frankenstein #18, legendary comics creator Dick Briefer threw out the cartoony humor stylings of the previous kiddy oriented Frankenstein adventures and brought "The Monster" back to his more realistically grim and violent horror roots. Most collectors prefer the latter, but I think both series' are great. Todays THOIA story, coinciding with Pierre's "Boris Karloff Blogathon" over at Frankensteinia presents the first "rebirth" story from what was then called the "new origin" series.


And if you missed the update, Kitty LeClaw has another story from Boris Karloff Thriller #1 posted at Killer Kittens From Beyond the Grave too! Click HERE for it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Hand in the Wall

Over at Frankensteinia, Pierre is celebrating Boris Karloff’s 122nd birthday by throwing a weeklong Blogathon (Nov. 23rd -29th) in his honour. Pierre has also asked his favourite fellow horror bloggers to join in and of course THOIA is more than thrilled to participate. So, since the theme around here is comic books, let’s resurrect two dead birds with one mad experiment and make it a “Silver Age Flash Forward” as well, with a shivery chiller from the October 1962 issue of Boris Karloff Thriller #1.

And don't forget to head over to Frankensteinia for TONS more Karloff all this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BORIS!

PLUS! Way back in June 2008, Pappy posted The Haunted Honeymoon, also from this issue of Boris Karloff Thriller #1. Click HERE! And learn more about the great 1960's THRILLER TV series hosted by Boris Karloff, by clicking HERE!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rats Die By Gas! / Scoop Daily

Continuing our theme of "Crime Horror" this week, but with not so much the typical style horror you usually find at THOIA... just some weird, almost surreal moments of eye-popping, lurid violence. "Rats Die By Gas!" is from the Sept. '52 issue of Fight Against Crime #9, while the back-up "Scoop Daily" adventure originally appeared in the Aug-Sept '46 issue of Triumph Comics #32 [27], and features a feisty heroine and Scoop vs. a pair of crooks either so dumb or so vicious, that even her perky nipples can't save her.

Ness Magana was the big winner of the THOIA DRAW ME 2 Contest last month, and here he is sporting his THOIA tee-shirt prize along with a few of his other favorite things! More contests coming before the end of the year, don't miss a single day--- or you might miss out!


Scoop Daily


Vintage AD