Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Beware the Snare of the Tarantula

Found a spider in my attic last night which reminded me of the fantastic fright film classic, The Fly (1958), but it also reminded me of this downright shiver inducin' creepy crawly chiller from the May 1975 issue of Witching Hour #54. The art is by Jess Jodloman which isn't a name that rings many bells around this blog, --I'll absolutely have to rectify that immediately as this is some of the spookiest post code horror I've seen around my own sector of the web in quite awhile...

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Ghost Story

If you thought the ghosts of our last post were interesting, --get a load of this supernatural thing-a-ma-jig! Only Bill Everett could / would come up with something as weird 'n wild for a simple 4 page prison petrifier such as this! From the July 1952 issue of Amazing Detective Cases #13.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Deadly Acres

If the horrible little acres of our last post didn't kill ya hard enough, here's a few more deadly acres that'll either put you totally six feet under, --or completely leave ya hangin'! *wink! Good 'ol Bob Powell has a blast-o-frightenin' fun with this ghoulishly haunting Harvey horror classic from the December 1951 issue of Black Cat Mystery #32.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Horror's Little Acre

Here's another expertly illustrated tale of creeping, cursed terror, especially in the gnarly, 'ol killer tree department! Lots of atmospheric lay-outs and nice detail by Ruben Moreira, though most of the dialog is a bit unintentionally hilarious: ("Those two love birds must be mangled and dead by now!") haha, that line really cracked me up. From the August 1952 issue of Adventures into Darkness #5, plus a spooky little bonus one-pager from the same issue.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Thing in the Fens

If you're still exhausted from all that trompin' around the swamp with a cat girl in our last post-- too bad! Cuz today it's time to traipes around a fen-- with a thing! It's also been a while since we're seen joltin' Jay Disbrow around these parts, so let him lead the weird way, from the July 1954 issue of Beware #10. And while I don't believe this story made the final cut for our Jay Disbrow Chilling Archives collection, this freakin' awesome Frank Frazetta / Sid Check art did grace my Return of the Zombies hardcover, which still seems to be available through Barnes and Noble HERE! (Psst, you cooler ghouls will remember this book as the one with the bite taken out of the front cover corner!) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Swamp Girl

A few of you seemed to enjoy the Dracu-Cat kitten in our last post, so here's another frisky little feline transformation tale from the swampier sector of the April 1953 issue of Mystic #19. Dare I call today's post a "Werecat Wednesday" weirdy? Well, I guess I just did. And to be honest, even better than the story is that amazingly creepy cover art by Carl Burgos!

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Vengeance is Mine!

After a few posts featuring Frankenstein's monster, werewolves, and lesbian vampires, it's time to let Dracula have a turn, only this time his nefarious name is Sandor! Scripted by ever reliable Jack Oleck --who just might've recently seen Al Adamson's low budget drive-in classic, Dracula vs. Frankenstein from 1971 (featuring a vampire named "Zandor"), this is another nice example of 70's DC storytelling, one that takes its good 'ol sweet, 10-page time to deliver a wonderfully weird blood sucker revenge tale that really gets to the heart of the matter-- especially when an innocent young boy becomes involved! From the February 1974 issue of House of Mystery #222, and art by Frank Redondo, plus a really creepy cover by Luis Dominguez at the very end. FYI: vampires beckoning at the window of a child is one of the spookier ways to get even Mr. Karswell's skin a'crawlin', just ask him about that terrifyin' time over in Jerusalem's Lot...