Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Broth Needs Some Body!

Another tasty Thanksgiving leftover straight from the fridge of fright-- just heat with the fires of Hell and serve! It's a fun little dish of toil and trouble from the May 1953 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #18, with Tony DiPreta story art and a super Russ Heath cover! *burp! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

What Kind of Ghoul Am I?

After a few months of grueling horrors (and a grueling holiday yesterday), I thought maybe we'd kick back and dip into some lighter spook-fare before jumping back into the gruesome gruel. So if a ride with a va-va-va-voom girl rock group up to a haunted castle full of m-m-m-monsters sounds like fun to you, then by all means, please jump in the van! If not, just come back in a few days for more of the usual. (As a reminder: This blog is called The Horrors of it ALL, so anything even remotely horror tinged is-- and always will be-- fair game.) From the September 1972 issue of Josie & the Pussycats #64, with a super Stan Goldberg cover, and dynamite Dan DeCarlo on the story art!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Witching Well

Like Rudy Palais, I also get a lot of requests for Lou Cameron stories, and here's a supernaturally charged selection from the June 1952 issue of The Beyond #12. Has everyone pre-ordered Lou Cameron's Unsleeping Dead collection coming out in Spring 2018? Click HERE for more info!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Death Pact

I've been a bit leery about posting Harvey horror stuff anymore since the release of those complete collections, but seriously a week won't go by without someone writing in and asking me to post something by Rudy Palais. So here we go, gettin' some sweat drippin' Death rollin' for November finally... from the August 1952 issue of Tomb of Teror #3.

(Cover art by Al Avison)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I... Want... My... Cupcake?!"

Those of you that have been following this blog from the beginning are, by now, fully aware of my undying love and restless obsession with the Stephen King film classic, Creepshow (1981) directed by George Romero. Having watched this incredible ode to precode comic book horror countless times, (and read the spectacular Wrightson graphic novel adaptation just as many too), I felt this was the year to finally have my cake-- and eat it too! Thank you Trick or Treat Studios for officially licensing the "Father's Day" Nathan Grantham (and The Crate's Fluffy) masks for CS fiends like myself, and thank you to the Goodwill for hooking me up with a totally affordable ($17) full funeral suit to properly destroy (with the help of a relative.) A big no thanks to Mattel though who now make Barbie Styling Heads so small that they are no longer appropriate for cake-size horror props, but Hell, I'll come back from the grave any day for a tiny tasty cupcake too, so eh, make due with whatcha got being my current Halloween 2017 motto.

Enjoy the pix, we hope everyone had a creeptacular Halloween as well! THOIA will be right back with more golden moldies from the vault in just a few so stay tombed... and hey, get yourself a second helping of that cake-- it's awfully delicious!