Thursday, April 30, 2015

HAUNTED HORROR #16 / Black Death

Haunted Horror #16 is in stores NOW, and beyond that creepy-crawly insect cover awaits today's even creepier, crawlier insect tale to take a bite out of your senses! Originally presented in the November 1953 issue of Fantastic Fears #4, "Black Death" has been referred to by HH friend, Tom Stein as "one of the greatest pre-code horror stories ever told!" I do believe he's correct! *shivers!

And don't forget about our contest-- see the last post for details!

[The Eerie Publications remake of this story, "The Skin-Rippers", was posted to THOIA back in 2011. Read it here! --  Nequam]

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nightmare of Doom! + CONTEST

More doom for ya, this time from the January 1953 issue of Chamber of Chills #15-- and dear lord *choke!* it's also featured in HAUNTED HORROR #16 --in stores this Wednesday! Want a FREE copy of HH16 personally signed by Mr. Karswell himself? Just leave a comment about today's story below, and then tell us about your own personal nightmare of doom-- be sure to leave an email address too! I'll be drawing 3 names on Walpurgis Night (that's Thursday, April 30th at midnight, aka May 1st, for those of you not evil enough to know better!) So give it to me straight from the grave, doom lovers, be as detailed and deadly as you want, but the more nightmarish (and naughty) the better-- I'm only putting the really good ones into the fishbowl this time. Good luck to everyone that enters, and stay tombed for another HH16 preview this week as well!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


THOIA gives you the finger today with a double encore presentation of precode horror! Both stories have been posted here before, and they will also be featured in HAUNTED HORROR #16 coming to finer comic book establishments next week-- so mark your calendars now! Fingers of Doom is originally from the Oct '53 issue of Dark Mysteries #14art by our good friend Hy Fleishman; and Finger of Guilt is from the Sept '53 issue of Adventures into Darkness #11art by John Celardo. We'll have another petrifying preview (or two) for you coming up next week as well!

The countdown to HAUNTED HORROR #16 is on!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Killer Lady

Here's an encore presentation of one of the more popular stories we featured here long, long ago... and since I'm incredibly busy with some new projects, and we have lots of lovely new followers too, occasionally I'll be dusting off some of these archived entries to remind people of what glorious evils await in our vast vault of no return. Dig around a little-- and you will see!

From the February 1953 issue of Voodoo #6.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Vampire of Broadway

Another request is one of the oddest vampire tales ever from the February-March 1977 issue of House of Secrets #144. Nice, atmospheric art by Abe Ocampo (I'm sure I would totally die in amazement if I ever saw a giant 3D billboard featuring a vampire girl in a coffin to promote a movie!), and even though the choppy storyline doesn't quite hold it all together, that just makes everything seem more strangely surreal. Still a winner in weirdness factor alone! (For Tanya and Allan :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Through Wicked Eyes

The sole remaining story that I have yet to post here from the Nov '52 issue of Strange Mysteries #8... check the archives for "Return of the Corpse", "Flaming Horror", and "Mask of the Devil." 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Is THAT Art?

Speaking of Rudy Palais, our best fiend, Forlock the Warlock, (aka Craig Yoe), has a personal exhibit on display at the Society of Illustrators/NYC, called "Is THAT Art?" which features an ultra rare, original, unpublished horror cover by Palais himself from Forelock's very own collection! Get an awesome, up-close look at it-- but don't get too close!! Exhibit runs from now until May 2nd, and also features other original works of art from Harvey Kurtzman, Winsor McCay, Charles Addams, Elzie Segar, Boody Rogers, Steve Ditko, R. Crumb, Matt Baker, John Stanley, Jack Cole, Ed Roth, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and lots, lots more! Click HERE for more info!

Hand of the Yogi / Monster Lore!

I unwittingly started a theme this month, that being precode comic horror stories that use themes we see over and over again, like the creeping, murderous, severed hand tale, as well as plots that borrow heavily from literary classics like The Monkey's Paw. In today's post, we see a story that borrows from both, and to make things even more demented, it's illustrated by the king of all that's demented himself-- Rudy Palais! From the April 1952 issue of Black Cat Mystery #34, plus a one page bonus quickie also illo'd by Palais, same issue.