Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Picture of Evil

Time for one last date with the Devil, and once again we're heading to the mysterious 'ol disappearing shop that nobody has ever seen before (nor will ever see again), and we have some really super art by Joe Kubert from the October 1953 one-shot issue of House of Terror #1 3D as well. Annnnd now you know why the scans look so odd, and yes, you're not drunk. I attempted to tweak these a bit, eliminating the 3D process as much as possible so it's easier to read on a computer or phone screen (first page, awesome splash, but not so successfully tweaked-- the rest of the story should be pretty good though!)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Satan the Great / Cremation

So was our last tale not hot enough for ya? Okay then, time to REALLY turn up the hell-bound heat with a Pete Morisi satanic sizzler from the January 1953 issue of Strange Terrors #6, --plus a bona fired, one page, bonus scorcher from the December 1944 issue of Captain Flight #5, art by Joe Cleary.


Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Devil's Kiss!

The sizzlin' summer heatwave here in the midwest has chilled out for a few days, so it's up to THOIA to turn up the temp for at least a few more posts, as we finish out the month of July 2019 with some devil hailin'! And first up, one more from the Super Satanic September 1953 issue of The Thing #10.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Mark of Violence

A funny little gruesome entry by John Belfi, originally presented in the September 1953 issue of The Thing #10... this story also can be found in the unfortunate, final issue of Haunted Horror #35, which (hard to believe), came out a little over a year ago already.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Corpses - Cash and Carry

It's not all fun 'n games here at THE HORRORS OF IT ALL, and occasionally we take it upon ourselves to educate you fine readers with a little bit of TRUE CRIME history. So if for whatever reason you're not already familiar with the Burke and Hare murders that occurred in Scotland in 1828, (click HERE for more) then you my friend are about to learn the gruesomely true tale of sick supply and diabolical demand. From the March - April 1948 issue of Exposed #1.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

No Escape from Evil

You escaped the evil ministers of our last post, now can you do the same from the eerie evil living dead? It's another gross and grimy, ugly terror tale as only "Superior" comics could indisputably do 'em, this one from the jolting July 1953 issue of Strange Mysteries #12.

And for more vault 'n coffin fun, head over to my other blog by CLICKING HERE!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Evil Ministers? / Pet Hate

Ripped from today's headlines comes a tale from the March 1954 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #16. Yes, I don't know about you, but I've kind of suspected that this is what's been going on in our country for a number of years now-- only worse! EEEAAA! GHAAAAA!

+++ BONUS! +++

Friday, July 12, 2019

Happy Anniversary!

On this day in 2007, I got the wild scare up my rear to start a blog devoted to precode horror comics, and wow, here we are exactly 12 years later, and with nearly 2,000 posts logged (1,960 to be exact) --and still going! A billion thanks to everyone that keeps stopping by and commenting, (the amount of friends I've made here over the years continues to boggle my mind), and also to all the fellow bloggers who have kept it going as well, without all of you this whole show would've folded long ago like so many others sadly enough have. So let us now celebrate in the only way we know how-- with more horror, and more specifically, two of our favorites around here: Bob Powell and Howard Nostrand! From the September 1953 issue of Chamber of Chills #19, --yes, the one with THE all-time classic cover!