Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dead Won't Die

What the Hell, how about one more Harvey Horror tale this month? So let's check out a familiar, trusty, supernatural pre-code crime theme-- the good 'ol haunted hitchhiker tale! This one from the debut January 1951 issue of Witches Tales #1 (art by Tom Gill, credits confirmed by John E. Petty, Director of Auctions, Heritage Comics, via the GCD Error List on 23 May 2003).


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Tunnel! / The Prize!

It's Bob Powell vs. Jack Sparling in the final two tales from the May 1953 issue of Tomb of Terror #9. Sparling unwittingly became the THOIA "Spotlight Artist" this month with multiple posts, and something tells me we might see more Powell next month! Hope everyone enjoyed The Harvey Horrors of August!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cauldron! / Backwash!

We'll be closing out August 2010 over the next few posts with another full issue from Harvey Publications, and this time it's the May 1953 issue of Tomb of Terror #9. Kicking it all off with two tales today, our first is a "stirring" little bit of insanity featuring powerhouse artwork by THOIA fave Lee Elias... I've also thrown in a couple neat one-page Howard Nostrand fillers. Does anyone know who illustrated "Backwash?"




Friday, August 20, 2010

All Keyed Up...

Another masterfully illustrated tale by Jack Sparling (with a not so masterfully scripted ending), from the July 1954 issue of Tomb of Terror #16... this unfortunantly was the very last issue from this terrific Harvey series, and "All Keyed Up" greatly benefits from a handful of sexy panels among the marvelously murderous, atmospheric, gold-digging shenanigans.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vision in Bronze

Holding back on cracking any obvious Iron Man jokes today, here's a nail bitin' Harvey tale from the March 1953 issue of Tomb of Terror #8. And fyi, fans of Eerie Publication reprints, this one was featured in Weird #v11#2 (1966 series) and redrawn as "The Man in the Heavy Metal Suit." It also appeared in Weird Vampire Tales #v4#3, (1979 series.)

Vintage AD

And for those of you still reeling from our "Scary Sci-Fi Saturday Double Header" and in need of another flying saucer fix, zoom over to my other blog and check out-- Buster Brown Goes to Mars!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Eyeless Ones / Invasion

Like our last vampire post, todays first story for "Scary Sci-Fi Saturday" is also from the Jan '53 issue of Tomb of Terror #7. But unlike that post with it's strange, unique ending, "The Eyeless Ones" has, umm, one of those kind of endingzzzz... you'll know what I mean when you get to it (actually, you'll know how this ends 6 pages before you reach the ending.) No biggie, the wild 'n wicked Warren Kremer artwork will still totally knock your eyes outta yer skull!


(A super special thanks to The Mayor over at the always awesome Neato Coolville for letting me re-post this hilarious AD)


Horror commrade Mark Borbas requested this fear-turistic Jack Sparling classic while informing me that I had this story still left to post from the May 1954 issue of Chamber of Chills #23-- thanks Mark! (And all of you full-issue fiends check the THOIA Archive by issue number, or search by title for "Heartline", "Dust to Dust", and "The Museum" for more!)