Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Change... into Something Comfortable / Trick or Treat

Two hairy scary, monster mashin' Halloween party tales from two different generations of terror for you today-- our first from the December 1973 issue of Creepy #58 (story by Doug Moench and artwork by Richard Corben), followed by an encore presentation of a Golden Age pre code classic from the May 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #10 (art by Eugene Hughes.) Happy Halloween to all our fiendish friends from THOIA!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghouls Rush In / Beneath the Grave

Instead of two stories from one particular artist for today's post, I thought I'd share two tales obviously inspired by the same literary horror tale, and in this case it's Henry Kuttner's awesome 1936 Weird Tales classic The Graveyard Rats (essential Halloween reading if you haven't already done so!) The first bite comes from the April 1952 issue of Adventures into Terror #9, (art by Dick Ayers), while the second rat tail comes from the March 1954 issue of Horrific #10, (art by Rudy Palais.) Both stories were originally featured on THOIA in our first month of existence-- July 2007!

The Best of From the Tomb-- now available!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Man Who Owned a Ghost / Vampire, Beware!

Long time followers of THOIA know how much I love Bill Everett, so without further ado, here are two by my absolute favorite comic book artist of all time-- The Man Who Owned a Ghost is from the March '52 issue of Astonishing #10, and Vampire, Beware is from the Oct '52 issue of Suspense #23. Nobody illustrated spooks and bloodsuckers like Everett. No. Body.

Bill Everett

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Haunted Horror Variety Show Presents...

Haunted Horror isn't just a kick ass new comic book series, it's also a kick ass Halloween stage show spook-tacular this year in Los Angeles. Captured Aural Phantasy Theater producer, director and star, Ben Dickow writes in to let us know that one of the pre-code stories they'll be bringing to screaming life in 2012 for The Haunted Horror Variety Show is the creepy classic, Crawling Evil, from the November 1952 issue of Journey into Fear #10. AIEEE!! There are actually two HH shows planned in conjunction with Yoe Books, the first will be at the Nerdist Showroom in Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd on Oct. 27th at 8pm (also see poster below for more details), followed by another larger scale spookshow event with additional live music and more surprises at the El Cid on Halloween night. Get all the details by clicking HERE, plus info on FREE Haunted Horror goodies at the shows (supplies are limited!) In the meantime, familiarize yourself with this squirming encore presentation of Crawling Evil which we originally posted here at THOIA in 2008.

Ben "Disintegrating" Dickow