Thursday, April 25, 2013


HAUNTED HORROR #4 is now available at finer comic shops everywhere, (and if you're at C2E2 this weekend grab your copy there!) Overflowing with more glorious reprints of petrifying pre code terror tales from Andru, Esposito, Sekowsky, Elkin, Mastroserio, Katz, and more! Among the stories of deadly harpies, groping ghosts, evil puppets, vicious vegetation, and The Devil, today THOIA has a sampling of a few other things to be found splattered all over said pages-- plus another nice preview can be found HERE thanks to CBR! Get your copy before it sells out!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creatures of the Bomb!

"The murderous fury of the crushing hand of doom struck as the creatures rose from the graves below." Eerie Pubs liked this Moe Marcus tale from the February 1953 issue of Witches Tales #17 so much that they gave it a redraw and retitled it as "Doom Creatures" in Terror Tales as well as Strange Galaxy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dimension IV

Time for another giant monster story as part of our most inconsistent themed month fest ever-- sorry, sometimes other stuff comes up! From the February 1953 issue of Witches Tales #17, a wonderfully weird, and very colorful story from Rudy Palais.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wolf Howls For You / Curse of the Kolukoffs

Dr. Theda wins the Ditko Monsters GORGO book drawing --CONGRATS and please email me your mailing address-- and thanks again to everyone that participated and shared their Ditko memories. I'll be having more horrific give-a-ways in May so stay tuned and don't fret if you didn't win this time! Here are two more 70's Ditko stories from Charlton Comics (remember I said they were gonna be hairy!) Our first howlin' tale from the June 1973 issue of Ghost Manor #12, and the second cursed selection from the November 1975 issue of Ghost Manor #26-- a Ditko Double Header!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Werewoods / Ditko GORGO Contest

Continuing on with another Giant Monster entry, (that is, if you consider giant murderous living trees as monsters), this time from the great Steve Ditko and from the October 1976 issue of Ghost Manor #31-- though my scans are actually from the reprint issue of Ghost Manor #47. It's WEREWOODS!! Therewoods! Right over there. And speaking of Ditko and giant monsters, if you're interested in winning yourself a copy of IDW / Yoe Books new Ditko Monsters GORGO, all you have to do is this: leave us a comment with your first and/or fondest Ditko memory and you are instantly entered into the werebowl for a drawing to be held next weekend; Craig Yoe or I will pick a name at random. So come on, paint us a picture of how SD became a name in your life. It's that simple. And consider it Ditko Week here at THOIA as well-- more hairy scaries from the legend coming up!


Friday, April 5, 2013

RIP Carmine Infantino / The Vampire Maker!

THOIA honors the passing of comic legend, Carmine Infantino, with an encore presentation of his stunningly horrific vampire classic from the December 1952 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #13, originally posted here back in Sept 2008 --be sure to click HERE for the scary sequel to this Atlas story when you're done!

Carmine Infantino May 24th, 1925 - April 4th, 2013