Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Witch of Tarlo

Ending 2015 on a witchy note with a 10-page Sheldon Moldoff doozy from the February 1953 issue of  This Magazine is Haunted #9. I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed this year of posts, as well as all of the IDW / Yoe Books projects your humble host has been involved with. Lots more precode horrors on the way (in web and print form for 2016), you know the routine-- STAY TOMBED!

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Soul of Benjamin Sprague

A chilly Christmas classic from the THOIA archive returns, originally presented in Weird Thrillers #3 from 1952, and this one highlighted by a terrific terror team-up of pencil and ink artistry-- including Howard Nostrand, Martin Epp, and clearly Bob Powell!

Happy Horrordays, everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"To Sneak... Perchance to Scream!"

Got another one from the same issue of Marvel's Giant-Size Chillers (as seen in our last post), this one a request from "Greg from the Grave" who had this issue as a kid and wanted to revisit the story about "the haunted house that tells the story." Well, this is the one my friend, and it's by Tom Sutton, deliverin' his usual awesome art, as well as a little bit of Harvey Kurtzman-esque humor tossed into the mix. I like these types of tales told from an inanimate object point of view-- for another example check the archive for "I, The Coffin" (the second story after you click the link.)

Friday, December 18, 2015

Gargoyle Every Night

Creepshow fan "Tony" found his way to THOIA via a google search for the comic book adaptations  of the film that I've posted in the past (check the archives) --this in turn has created a new fan of Berni Wrightson as well, and Tony asked to see more of Berni's fantastic work. I've always loved this gargoyle tale that originally appeared in the October 1970 issue of Chamber of Darkness #7, reprinted here for our viewing displeasure in the August 1975 issue of Giant-Size Chillers #3.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NEW CHILLING ARCHIVES COLLECTIONS: The Complete Voodoo Volume One / Ghosts and Girls

Two new CHILLING ARCHIVES OF HORROR COMICS releases from IDW / YOE BOOKS are in stores NOW! The long-awaited first entry in the COMPLETE VOODOO COLLECTION VOL. 1 hits stores today and features 200+ pages of tasteless Iger Shop terror and insanity! And already in stores is the wonderfully eerie collection of Fiction House supernatural tales, GHOSTS AND GIRLS! Both volumes are overflowing with stunning art (including fan fave Matt Baker), and today, THE HORRORS OF IT ALL has a double header post giving you a FREE sampling of tales from both collections! Click the links above for more info on both books, and don't forget that xmas is right around the corner-- IDW / YOE BOOKS make great horrorday presents, of course!!