Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zombies March by Moonlight

Over the years we've posted a few stories from the wild 'n weird June 1952 issue of Strange Terrors #1: "Vampires Dance at Dusk" and "The Ghost of Karloff Castle" and guess what? Yep, here's another! So whether it's actually zombies marching by moonlight, or "zoombies" as the cover typo hilariously states, one thing is certain: the living dead don't necessarily have to be tearing into a skull and munching on a brain to be creepy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ashes to Ashes! (x2)

Two hot stories with the same "Ashes to Ashes!" title today, our first from the March 1953 issue of Mystery Tales #9, (pretty sure the art is by Al Eadeh), and our second roaring classic is from the August 1952 issue of Black Magic Vol. 2 #9 [15] (art by Bill Draut). May is finally coming to a close, and as the season turns warmer THOIA is officially turning up the heat on you-- burn, baby burn!


Haha, bet you didn't see that ending coming! Does the last panel remind anyone of Boris Karloff's blackened fate in the gruesome climax to Michael Reeves' 1967 thriller "The Sorcerers"?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Witch Doctor / Witch Doctor's Revenge

Like an old B-movie jungle horror double feature today, THOIA brings you two violent tales of 100% weird witch doctors! Our first tale comes from the Feb. 1954 issue of Spellbound #19, (art by Tony DiPreta) and our back-up story is from the Dec. 1952 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #38. And really now, "Are witch doctors even scary?" I was asked this question recently... well?


Vintage AD

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dell Movie Classic: The Mummy (Part Two)

Time for the strange, open ended conclusion to the Dell Movie Classic #537 version of The Mummy (Sept / Nov 1962.) As Drew explained in the comments of our previous Dell offering last month (see Dracula), "The endings of at least three of the early 1960s Dell Monster Classics ("Dracula," "Frankenstein," and "The Creature") make it plain that a sequel was contemplated, and the "The Wolfman" and "The Mummy" could also have been reinterpreted to be less final than they looked. Somehow these sequels never came to be." It's too bad too, because The Mummy could definitely benefit from a bigger / better ending, or another issue or two. Come back next month for The Wolfman!

Scary Mummy vs. Funny Mummy Time!

(Mr. X image found at Pierre's ever awesome Monster Crazy! And the Johnny Ryan gag can be found at VICE/Viceland along with tons more of Ryan's brain bustin' insanity.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dell Movie Classic: The Mummy (Part One)

It sounds like some of you are chomping at the bit for the Dell Movie Classic #537 version of The Mummy (Sept / Nov 1962), so instead of waiting until next weekend like I had planned, how about we just dig into the evil sands today and untomb part one? A typically great painted cover kicks it off, (obviously modeled after Lon Chaney's make-up design as The Mummy in the Universal sequels to the original Karloff classic) but as usual, this is where any similarities between the films and the Dell comic version end. And as mentioned in our previous post, the art inside is by the great Jack Sparling.

Find out what else the scroll says--- NEXT!

Lon Chaney in "The Mummy's Tomb" (1942.)