Monday, September 29, 2014

Vampires Drink Deep!

Finishing out the month in gorgeously moody black and white (and a splash of red), this time with a morbid Marvel mag reprint from Dracula Lives! #2 (1973), awesome art by Joe Sinnott --originally featured in the August 1952 issue of Strange Tales #9. Note the Atlas version of this story was titled "Drink Deep, Vampire!"

PREVIEWS SNEAK PEEK: Haunted Horror #14 (12/24/2014)

For those of you who picked up the current October issue of Previews (containing items for release this December 2014) you may have noticed the IDW ad for Haunted Horror #14, in stores Dec. 24th, and yes it is indeed an "All Mr. Karswell" issue, --aka a sort of "Best of THOIA" if you will, featuring tales hand picked by yours truly. Forelock and I have discussed doing one of these each year --we know how much precode fans like to have an actual printed, physical copy of stories over downloaded jpeg scans. We hope everyone enjoys this choice collection of Mr. Karswell picks!

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Devil Statues

Originally titled "The Night the Statues Walked", this Lou Cameron tale appeared in the July 1953 issue of Web of Mystery #19, (sorry, don't have it!) But we do have the Oscar Fraga re-drawn version for the Eerie Pubs (as well as Gredown), retitled "The Devil Statues", from the April 1971 issue of Weird Vol. 5 #2, plus a bonus "Weird Facts" page...

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Wax Witch vs. From the Graves of the Unholy

Here's a wonderfully typical Eerie Pub slop-job of a brilliant Lou Cameron golden age Ace classic, originally featured in the February 1953 issue of Web of Mystery #17, and this time re-drawn by Mariana Cerchiara for the April 1971 issue of Weird Vol. 5 #2, among other Eerie issue reprintings. Compare the two, and see if there's any actual comparison! :P Also, enjoy the infantile art scribblings on my poor cover :( We'll take a look at Devil Statues in our next post, since someone asked nicely...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Weird Vengeance / The Bloody Stream!

We're getting super excited about some of the upcoming Chilling Archives collections from IDW / Yoe Books, in particular Mike Howlett's Worst of Eerie Publications in stores November 11th (click HERE for more info and to pre-order NOW!) So today we have a couple o' Eerie Pub'ers from my battered 'n tattered copy of the April 1971 issue of Weird Vol. 5 #2. The first story is a complete reworking of Nick Frank's tale from the October 1952 issue of Weird Mysteries #1 (I actually meant to post this one with the Jack Davis "Arbor Day" story a few weeks ago for reasons apparent, see HERE), ---and the second yarn by Tony Mortellaro originally appeared in the January 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #8. Both stories were retitled for the Eerie Pub versions as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Reluctant Ghost

A seance leads to doom and disaster, as usual, in this spooky Ken Rice illustrated tale from the January 1955 issue of The Beyond #30, --the very last issue from this great Ace Magazines series.