Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ballad of Doc Satan

Last day of January and I reckon we’ll wrap it up with a Flash Forward Time Machine trip to the 70’s (via covered wagon) with a Satanic bonanza from the Dec-Jan ‘72/73 issue of Weird Western Tales #15 featuring art by the always great Bill Draut. Lots of excellent moments here, it’s just too bad ‘ol smilin' Doc Satan didn’t pay any return visits or get his own comic series, I sho’ do love him and his no nonsense ways of unflinchin' evil.

See ya’lls in February, got lotsa good’uns lined up fer yew (including more trips in the Time Machine!) Ya’ll come back now, ya hear…

TOMORROW: Matt Fox! Larry Woromay! AND Al Luster??!!


Vintage Ads
Who wants to see the giant Moon Monster take on Doc Satan's giant flaming skeleton?

Mom, I iz scared of the dark... can I get a life sized Raquel Welch pillow to sleep with?

Awww, My First Swipe

Yesterday you saw an incredible illustration by Mr. C; now today you get to see one by me! Okay, mine is not so incredible, and I was probably only 8 or 9 years old when I drew this sometime in the 70’s, but if you’ve already read The Ballad of Doc Satan post today you’ll see just how inspired I was by one of the demons in that tale (see page 4,bottom panel.) Kinda cute don’tcha thinks?

Friday, January 30, 2009

AIEEEEE! The Teeth!

Last week I received an incredible donation from Mr. Cavin in the form of American dollars and Vietnamese dong (thank you again!) was his jaw dropping way of saying thanks for all the free daily horror. And so Mr. C, since you are also a collector of "scream dialogue" in comics, I dedicate this appropriately titled shrieking classic especially to you.

From the August 1952 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #2

TOMORROW: We end January with another Flash Forward to the 70’s, (or is it actually a flash backwards to the Old West?) Whatever… it’s got demons, melting people, and a giant flaming skeleton so don’t miss it.


And who knew that Mr. Cavin is also a top notch doodler?! Included with his generous donation was this stunning pen illustration he created for me--- on the back of a Korean Airlines cocktail napkin! How fantastic! We surely learn something new about people everyday.

Thanks again Mr. C, you are once again further proof that THOIA has the greatest readership in all of the blogosfear.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Castle of Fear / The Disbeliever

Today we have two seriously messed-up Monster-Ramas from the February 1953 issue of Weird Mysteries #3 …both of which can be suitably filed away in the old banged up "WTF Cabinet." And FYI: for the 5th and final tale from this issue you’ll need to head over to Chuck’s Comic Book Catacombs sometime today by clicking HERE. Thanky Chucky!

TOMORROW: A Killer Set of Choppers!

Two-Page Text Story


The Disbeliever

We haven't seen killer ants around here at THOIA since World War III With the Ants. No wait, actually it was the last time the Orkin guy came by (dude's a bad ass with the bug drugs.) Anyway, I think in February I may try to cook up an "All Insect Week" or something. Anyone got any ideas or recomendations?

Nice ending, eh? Huh??!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

While the Iron Was Hot / Hand of Fate

Okay, first I need to apologize… I promised you 3 days of Voodoo, but then yesterday I got the February 1953 issue of Weird Mysteries #3 in the mail and man oh man, I just couldn’t wait to post this notoriously icky stuff instead. And each hair brained tale is sort of short too so today and tomorrow will be double posts, (plus the 5th and final story can be viewed over at Chuck’s Comic Book Catacombs on Thursday.)

And yeah I know, I also said no more full issue presentations this month too, didn’t I? I’m a liar!!

Plus, the insanely spooky cover of this issue featuring a very bloody beheading!

TOMORROW: Bugs. Monsters. And a Tigerman.


Hand of Fate

And here's the second story from Weird Mysteries #3--- and WOW, check out that splash! Does it look familiar? If you recognized it as a swipe from the cover of the September 1951 issue of Mister Mystery #1 then you are definitely a true blue, 100% Pre-Coder!

(For the uninitiated, check the very bottom of today’s post for the Mister Mystery #1 cover and compare.)

FYI: if you want to read the “Hand” story from that issue of Mister Mystery #1 (chock full of an astounding amount of swiped panels too!) then check the THOIA Archives HERE!


The September 1951 issue of Mister Mystery #1

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horribly Beautiful

Of all the bat shit crazy stories about sister rivalries, this one is the bat shit craziest. Seriously, this one has it all: extreme acne, acid in the face, Satanism and occult vengeance… but my favorite line comes “many soft murmurs and sighs later… " ?!! Jesus, why not just say he got a BJ already!! He sure does beg for it.

From the September 1953 issue of Voodoo #11

TOMORROW: Something weird, and extra mysterious!


The She-Beast (DVD NEWS)

It’s not my favorite Barbara Steele fright flick, but here comes La Sorella di Satana (aka The She-Beast ’66) on DVD April 28th from Dark Sky Films. Featuring an “all new audio commentary” (with who?) but more importantly a sparkling new 16x9 'Scope transfer taken from “extremely rare vault materials,” this is the perfect opportunity to throw out that crummy old public domain print and upgrade!

For more info check out DVD Drive-In by clicking HERE.