Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wedded to a Witch

The weird, blasphemous sounds of wedding bells ring out one last time, as we finish up our month long excursion into haunted horror love stories. We hope you had a maniacally romantic time, haha... today's wicked tale is from the August 1952 issue of The Beyond #14, with art by Bill Molno.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Death's Bridal Gown

You're not getting off that easy with just one weird wedding dress post this month! And this one from the February 1953 issue of Adventures into Darkness #8 just might actually out-weird the previous one-- see what you think! Also, you chemical experts are encouraged to weigh in on the plausibility of one climactic detail. PLUS! A fun crossword puzzle from the same issue rounds out the post!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Bridegroom, Come Back!

Getting this Feb love-in back on track with one from Steve Ditko and the July 1954 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #18... apologies for the delay, I had a rather rough, exhausting week of physical therapy.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Terror of the Vampires Kiss

Like an undead bloodsucker creepin' out of its grave, we're keepin' the love alive around here for a few more V-Day inspired posts, so pucker up and get ready! And okay, I'll admit up front that this story actually holds no real twist ending surprises (no big deal though it is pretty great none the less), but what today's post does possess is a rather refreshing lead male character who, --unlike the typical monster pummlin' macho manly men we find in these types of supernatural terror tales-- is actually just a big 'ol screamin' weenie pants! From the June 1952 issue of Mysterious Adventures #8.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


It pains Mr. Karswell greatly to admit to you all, that despite my vast collection of comic books and other ephemera related material, I actually do not own even one single piece of original golden age precode artwork, be it a cover, or random interior page of simple pencil, or ink! I've tried my hand a few times online, even held some in my skeletal hands at conventions! But alas, luck hath not yet become my friend on said pricey subject. I do suppose if the offer came down the pike, and I were somehow given the chance to pick any page from any story during this horrific 1950's era, page 5 of today's superbly insane story with exceptionally eerie awesome art (by Ed Waldman?) would most certainly be high on my list. It's pretty much got everything: creepy graveyard and freshly exhumed corpses, and sexy mad robo-science gone gory good, and self destructively brutal. It really is 7 of my all time favorite panels, all on one putrid page, and I really do hope everyone enjoys it, as we finally reach the big Valentine's Day Massacre terror tale here at THOIA.

From the June 1953 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #11.

And for another kind of Valentine's Day Massacre, be sure to head over to my other blog HERE, for a really smokin' hot shot of holiday heartburn!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Shriek in the Night / Easy Dies It

The superbly terrorific Weird Mysteries #1 one-shot, was a black 'n white magazine from Pastime Publications, (March 1959), and featured an all-star collaboration of art legends: Carl Burgos (who illustrated both of today's stories), Paul Reinman, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres, and the great George Tuska, who illustrated quite of a number of the stories, as well as concocting that incredibly beautiful cover. At 68 pages, it contained well over a dozen tales of brisk, quick-witted, precode inspired horror, and also highlighted by a very humorous, exceptionally well written horror host; plus other fun strips, like faux greeting cards, etc. I'll definitely be posting more from this one throughout 2019, but for now it's two weird love tales (and a bonus gag) that frightfully fit into our month-long Valentine's theme. xXx

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Deadly Doll

I'm guessing the very last panel of todays post (alone) is making the tumblr rounds, as I've had no less than 7-8 people email it to me lately asking what story and issue it's from. And the fact that the tale itself fits nicely into our month long Valentine's Massacre is all the more reason to unleash the deadly doll upon you all! So here is where it's from-- the May 1954 issue of Horrific #11, and the art is by Steve Kirkel.