Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Witch of Shadow Glen! vs. The Warlock of Manescue Manse!

We have witches and warlocks on Walpurgisnacht, --oh my! Yes, it's a double header of hellacious proportions as we traverse the terrifying hallowed halls of Hades in search for the perfect bday gift for Mr. Karswell, --who turns yet another year older tomorrow! Both tales today are illustrated by Gene Fawcette, with an awesome assist by Vince Alascia on inks, plus two truly gorgeous black and white illustrations by the great, Everett Raymond Kinstler! And as if that's not enough, head on over to AEET HERE for yet another wild tale of creepy cursed witchcraft! Burn the midnight fires this evening, my friends, we'll see you in May for more! 

From the December - January 1953 issue of Witchcraft #5.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Devil To Pay

Fans of a certain devilishly terrific Twilight Zone episode (and Charles Beaumont short story) might find today's post from the January - February 1973 issue of Weird Mystery Tales #4 of howling interest. Highlighted by some truly superb Rubeny illustrations-- even the slight twist Jack Oleck adds to the climax is nicely done. And CLICK HERE after the story!

Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Torture Master!

The November 1953 issue of Men's Adventures #24 contains this grueling Russ Heath illustrated concentration camp terror tale about nazi experiment atrocities and torture, proving once again that historical based facts can most certainly be much more horrific than fiction.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Sawing a Woman in Half in the Haunted Theatre!

After a brief hiatus we return with a fun tale of magic and mystery from the November 1945 issue of Super Magician V4 #7, featuring Blackstone the Magician and his lovely, leggy assistant Rhoda, as they encounter all kinds of criminally macabre mayhem in a haunted theatre! (FYI: THOIA and AEET will likely continue to take on a more random schedule as we progress into the spring and summer months ahead. I'm currently very busy on a variety of personal projects, --but never fear, when I have anything of quality to share it will definitely be posted! Thank you all, and as always, stay totally tombed for more...)