Thursday, May 30, 2019

R.I.P. Everett Raymond Kinstler (1926 - 2019)

Cycle of Horror!

Ending May 2019 on a rather disgusting note, with a surprisingly gory story highlighted (hmmm, is "highlighted" even the right word?!) with some it's-so-truly-repulsive-it's-makin'-me-ill illustrations from THOIA favorite, Al Eadeh. And no, Britt, this Harvey gut-banger from the March 1953 issue of Chamber of Chills #16 is NOT about a killer dirt bike-- sheesh!!! Okay, see you goons in June!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Invitation to Horror

If that last terror tale left you feelin' hazed 'n confused, THOIA has yet another invitation to a dark 'n weird night of thrills 'n chills in a spooky old house-- and maybe this time an ending with an actual explanation-- one you definitely won't see coming! From the June 1944 issue of Suspense #4.

Haha, Bela Gulosi and Horace Furloff! Hope that gave a few of you a real good chuckle... okay, something not so cheery comin' up next for our twisted 13th post of May! Stay tombed...

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Die Laughing!

Another one from the April 1954 issue of The Thing #13, (see Poor Fish! in our previous post) and as it seems that some of you out there are actually still alive and have not yet died laughing --and I've been trying so hard this year!-- I feel it's time to give you all a great big hand. We reprinted this one way back in 2013 in Haunted Horror #6 as well, (which featured Mr. Karswell's first ever HH cover appearance!) so it might be frighteningly familiar to some. This also fulfills a couple of requests for some early Steve Ditko, in both story and cover art. Happy? Now get dyin' already!


Friday, May 24, 2019

Death Fish / Poor Fish!

It's Double Header Fish Fryday for you today, with both main courses guaranteed to twist their deadly hooks in ya! The first story is from the December 1953 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #14, (the final issue of this spectacular series in fact), with art by Bud Thompson, --followed by a rather painful quickie from the April 1954 issue of The Thing #13, with possible art by Chic Stone. Have a great weekend fiends, and don't choke on any fish bones!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


A terror tale for those of you that didn't quite actually get the spine-tinglin' creeps from our last post, and this time from the doom-riddled December 1953 issue of Mysterious Adventures #17, with art by the always great,  always dynamic-- Doug Wildey! A big thanks again to Big T for the scans too!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Ghoulish Revenge of Dr. Psycha

Everyone liked that last Weird Adventures story so much, let us indulge in another one, this time from the October 1951 issue of Weird Adventures #3. Dick Kirby was apparently created to be an ongoing feature, unfortunately, this interesting P. L. Publishing series mix of pulpy horror and dynamic detective action tales came to an end with this charmingly creepy third issue. Some really fun / different kind of dialog here too-- and once again adios to that fourth wall!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Puppet Peril

I haven't posted a puppet tale around here in a very long time, and today's excursion into the July - August 1951 issue of Weird Adventures #2 finds us a story perfectly overflowing with the unhinged craziness that you've come to love and expect from these pulse-pounding, precode perplexers!