Friday, November 30, 2007

While the City Sleeps

Got another spooky Russ Heath gem for you today, and scanned from the very first issue of Uncanny Tales too! Follow the GCD issue link below and check out the great cover art with slithering alien creatures leaving a spacecraft and worming their way into the cemetery dirt to revive a corpse--- could this possibly have inspired director Fred Dekker when he was writing Night of the Creeps?

From the June 1952 issue of Uncanny Tales #1

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Karswell’s Night Gallery #8

ODD SCIENCE FICTION by Frank Belknap Long. Featuring 3 tales of crawling cosmic terror, written in a dimension we should hope to never know. Long was best remembered for his horror and sci-fi short stories, including early contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Belmont Books Future Series 1964 / Cover Art by ???

The Harder They Fall

Today’s post is from 50’s comic legend Jack Sparling, and though this isn’t a particularly terrifying story it does have some influential moments that I’m sure some of you will pick up on and comment about. What the heck, I’ll start a discusion myself. “How about the galactic bounty hunter’s skull collection? Remind you of anything?”

From the March 1954 issue of Tomb of Terror #14

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where Monsters Prowl

Is it possible that today’s story title was the partial inspiration for one of Marvel’s later silver age reprint series of the sort of same name? Whatever… you can happily rest assured that wherever prowling monsters and creatures on the loose do dwell, somewhere else out there H. P. Lovecraft’s shambling corpse is probably smiling a little bit too.

From the July 1954 issue of Marvel Tales #125

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disc Jockey

Here’s a sci-fi tale from Harvey Comics featuring an oddly funny script and art by Bob Powell. This post comes courtesy of MONSTER BLOG’s very own John Kaminski. If you’ve never visited his site then you should check it out ASAP. And thanks for the scans John!

From the October 1953 issue of Black Cat Mystery #46

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Men From Mars

Nobody could draw murderous monsters of mayhem quite like Bill Everett, and as you can see from today’s post he is equally malicious when it comes to the maniacal Martian menace!

From the January 1954 issue of Adventures Into Weird Worlds #25

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beast From the Beyond

Prepare to blast-off into terror! This week will feature a corrupt mix of pre-code sci-fi stories that are definitely more horror oriented than science fiction (after all, this blog is called “The HORRORS of it All!”) So never fear, if names like Powell, Sparling, Wolverton, and Everett sound good to you then this is your week. And if you’ve ever wanted to see a Golden Age comic book adaption of John W. Campbell’s classic story “Who Goes There?” (which was also made into the film classics The Thing from Another World and The Thing) then I’d say we’re off to a great start. Thanks again to Brian Hirsch for the scans!

From the March 1951 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #17

The Thing (TRAILER)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Super Vampire Saturday

“Good evening, I’m Count Dracula… and I bid you velcome. My old friend Karswell has asked me to introduce today’s double feature. I do hope you vill enjoy yourself, just as you vould enjoy a fine glass of vine. Yes, you vill enjoy today’s excellent stories, in fact I insist you enjoy them--- but be varned! Your vill shall never be stronger than mine!”

Kiss of Death

Pardon The Count folks, he missed his morning transfusion. Anyway, here are some scary Tony DiPreta vampires that vouldn’t miss their crimson meal for anything… you have been varned!

From the March 1953 issue of Adventures Into Weird Worlds #16

The Exterminator!

Here’s some frightful fun from the cursed, reflectionless ones! And as today’s celebrity guest host takes flight back to his crumbling Transylvanian castle, I thank you all for following this week-long look at Atlas Comic’s Adventure Into Weird Worlds series. (FYI: Tomorrow we take flight as well, this time into the blackest regions of outer space with another week-long theme--- Science Fiction Horror! Be here when the evil alien invasion begins!)

From the June 1953 issue of Adventures Into Weird Worlds #19

Friday, November 23, 2007

For The Kiddies To Read (ARTICLE)

Today’s bonus post is a four page battle cry from the June 1954 issue of Reader’s Digest by T. E. Murphy, who at the time was not only apparently a Witchfinder General, but also a columnist and editorial writer for the Hartford, Conn., Courant. Bewildered articles like this only added more fuel to Wertham’s fires while helping seal the crypt door on 50’s horror and crime comics... thus branding the dreaded nazi-esque Comics Code stamp upon EVERYONE (not just the “kiddies.”)