Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vampire Terror / Corpse, Come Back!

Time again for another deadly December Double Feature, and this time we have two forms of freaky foul living dead! I meant to post these kookball classics on xmas because of all the hilarious ho-ho-ho'ing going on in them both, and to be totally honest, I'm surprise neither of these weirdies have wound up posted here already over the years as the other two tales (of 4) in the July 1954 issue of Mysteries Weird and Strange #8 have been in the THOIA Archive for over a decade (Happily Dead), and the other one coming pretty darn close to 10 (Devil's Birthmark.) So check 'em all out if you haven't already, that's what the archive is for-- it's another FULL ISSUE now filed away forever in Mr. Karswell's Krypt.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Lost City / Tough Guy

Woke up with the first snow of the year on the ground today-- yup, it's definitely winter now-- ugh! Anyway, with that in mind, how about a couple of chillers from the April 1953 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #17, starting off with a spooky Sheldon Moldoff trip to The Lost City. And if that story (plus the icy awesome Bill Everett cover) prove a bit too frightfully frigid for you, then let's turn the heat way up and venture way down into the lost paradise-- it's our second sinful feature, highlighted by some super satanic illustrations from the always underrated John Rosenberger.

Hope everyone has a great holiday-- we'll be back next week with at least a few more double features before the koo-koo clock strikes doo-doom on 2017. Stay too-toombed!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


HAUNTED HORROR #31 is in stores TODAY, and it's full of hairy 'n scary 'n scaly terrors, plus a couple of oddly titled classics that have been featured here at THOIA in the past, (but you know you love revisiting the most revolting of 'em again anyway!) --and we have both featured here today as part of our Double December xmas posts, aka an encore presentation for you long time, lifelong regulars. So pick up the current issue NOW for all of the other deadly details and deceaseries, and decompositions, and downright death riddled... derrrrrrr... sorry, I ran out of kooky Karswell korn.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Magazines of the Mummy

Mummy madness (and Double Post December) continues, with a trip into the realm of b/w magazine mummy tales-- one deadly serious, and one not even remotely close to being so! First up, from the August 1973 issue of Eerie #50, Steve Skeates and Jaime Brocal team-up for a super sinister stalker of a story, followed by a kooktacular cornball classic from Quasimodo's Monster Magazine #8, from 1976 --and thanks again to Drazen Kozjan for the images from this one too! And don't forget, my new MUMMIES book is on sale NOW and available everywhere finer (and not so finer) books are sold!