Sunday, July 29, 2012

Terror of the Deep

We're spotlighting Ellis Eringer again with another wild post today-- and if you thought our last story by him was remarkable (click HERE for it), wait until you see how gruesome this one is! From the November 1953 issue of Mister Mystery #14 ...and with a very special thanks to Brian Hirsch for the scans! (Are there any other pre-code horror tales by Eringer? If so, please let us know, GCD has very little information about him other than his work for Disney.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fate of Alberto

Back in January 2008, I posted two stories from the August 1954 issue of Tales of Horror #12: "Welcome to My School", and "The Pallbearers." Today's fateful post comes from the same issue, and it's a wonderfully wicked tale of black magic and epic DOOM, superbly visualized by Ellis Eringer. I have to say, as good as today's story is, it's nothing compared to the fascinating man who illustrated it, find out more about Ellis "Papa Duke" Eringer and click HERE!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Man Who Tricked the Devil!

Today we have the last story (thank the lard) from Tales of Horror #7 1952, aka the crummiest comic book in my collection... NOTE: when I say "crummy" I'm talkin' about a multitude of things like the print failure! every page loose! zero spine! fallin' apart / brittle condition! -- I certainly have nothing against the art or stories. So for you issue completists, also see: "Dinky!", "Die for the Beggar", and the really great "Beast from the Deep!" that we posted waaay back deep in the 2008 THOIA Archives!

Splash art recycled

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Die for the Beggar

Rising above the tragic print job of today's post (like our last post also from Tales of Horror #7, 1952) is an equally tragic tale of a beautiful blonde girl and her unlucky excursion into the terrifying, deadly realm of love. The last page in particular, while not really reaching too hard for a typical shock / twist ending, is simply a different, low key example of welcome mood, emotion, and the inevitable. [NOTE: Page 2 found and added into the story... not sure how this snafu happened exactly-- possibly I left part of my brain in San Diego!]

Drazen's new book "Working Mummies" is in stores now! A glorious treat for all ages, each page overflowing with outrageous monstery fun-- click HERE for more info and to order your copy now! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been promising Mr. C a werewolf story for a while now, harkening back to the early days of THOIA's "Werewolf Wednesdays", and I'm totally surprised I haven't posted this little gem yet from the 1952 issue of Tales of Horror #7 (uhhh, I haven't posted this one before, have I?) Also, Craig Yoe and I would like to thank all the great people who came out to San Diego Comic Con this past weekend and showed their undying support for our ZOMBIES book, which incidently SOLD OUT at the IDW booth before the weekend was even over! We made a lot of cool new friends and met a lot of old ones; generally we just had a blast and really hope to see you all again next year! Who knows what evil horrors we still have left lurking up our scary sleeves for you?!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Dial "Z" for Zombie Contest Winners!

First up, an eerie encore presentation of an Atlas tale we posted way back in Sept 2009, art by Jim Mooney, and from the May '53 issue of Marvel Tales #114‏. 

New posts will resume when I get back from San Diego Con next week. And speaking of SD, don't forget to stop by the IDW booth and say hello to me and Craig, we've got copies of the ZOMBIES book, as well as EXCLUSIVE SD Con ZOMBIES buttons! Rumor has it that Karswell even unearthed a very limited number of THOIA tee-shirts-- so get there ASAP for one while supplies last!

And congratulations to our ZOMBIES Contest winners: Lenny S., Butch Rung, and Mr. C! They scoured the archive and discovered that Drazen's spooky illustration is a re-working of a great panel from "Lighthouse of the Dead" from the May 1954 issue of Web of Evil #14 (originally posted here back in Dec '08.) Gentlemen, please send me your mailing addresses, your books will be mailed next week. Mr. C has the grand honour of winning the original piece of Drazen Kozjan artwork as well! Thanks again to everyone that entered!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Fella Needs a Zombie / SD Con 2012

All fellas (and ladies) need a zombie, and this tale from the December 1953 issue of Mystic #25 might just do the trick. If not, check the info after the post on how you can add more ZOMBIE action into your life!

This week, July 12th - 15th, Craig Yoe and I, Karswell will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2012! You can find us at the IDW Booth #2643 (near Marvel's booth in the center of the main convention hall-- see map below), promoting the latest and greatest Chilling Archives of Horror Comics addition-- ZOMBIES! Stop by the booth, say hi, and get yourself a copy of this damned book! And don't forget our Zombies Panel / Q&A on Sunday at 11:00am, Room 32AB. Get all the SD con info you can handle right HERE!

(click to enlarge SD Convention Center map!)

Sunday July 15th, 11:00am-12:00 The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Zombies Panel!— Blood will curdle and flesh will crawl as IDW/Yoe Books terror team co-editors Craig Yoe (Eisner Award-winning comic historian) and Steve "Karswell" Banes (host of The Horrors of It All vintage comics blog) unearth the lurid, dark history of 1950s comics with an unnerving panel focused on pre-Code horror's most despicably dead subject-zombies! This hour-long discussion and Q&A is guaranteed to rot your mind! All attendees dressed as a zombie will get a prize! Zombies Panel will be held in Room 32AB.