Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Metamorphosis of the Gkmloooms

This is it, the wind up to our S/F Horror Theme this week, as well as December and 2008. It was a crazy year for us, we went through some interesting changes, unleashed the THOIA tee shirt upon humanity, had a bunch of cool contests, and actually found a way to turn up the horror factor ten fold. But most importantly: we made tons of great new friends… and we certainly hope to make more in 2009 too!

Have a super safe evening tonight, celebrate and drink responsibly (or not) but please think of us at the Witching Hour… we’ll most certainly be thinking about you!

From the March 1952 issue of Worlds of Fear #3



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What in the World... What Was It?

THOIA’s Sci-Fi Horror Week continues, and it’s an Ace vs. Atlas "Double Header Showdown" today, putting the baffling, alien question to you--- what? What? WHAAAT?!!
From the September 1953 issue of Web of Mystery #20

TOMORROW: How can you stop them if you can’t even pronounce them?!



What in the World
From the May 1952 issue of Amazing Detective #12


Monday, December 29, 2008

Out of Focus

Ahhh, the disasters of the ‘ol matter transmitter machine… fans of a certain George Langelaan story will undoubtedly enjoy this similarly plotted though very different and somber tale which saw print in the March 1953 issue of Weird Mysteries #9, (three years before the timeless classic “The Fly” short story was published in Playboy Magazine.)

So who invented the concept of teleportation in an S/F tale?

TOMORROW: A Double Shot of WTF??!


Vintage ADs

PS: The Comic Book Catacombs promises that The Killer from Saturn story should be posted there sometime today…check it out by clicking HERE, it’s another Web of Evil classic from the Karswell S/F Archives. Thanks for hosting Chuck!
Even Pappy is in sci-fi mode today, click HERE!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Winged Terror

From the March 1953 issue of Forbidden Worlds #15, descends this bizarre George Wilhelms Creature Feature containing a moment or two that will surely put a shivery smile (in particular) on the faces of you Alien fans.


Journey into Mystery Vol. 2 "Atlas Era" Masterwork

A million years into the future (May 2009 to be exact) comes the second Marvel Masterworks “Atlas Era” edition of Journey into Mystery. Volume 2 collects issues #11 – 20 in their entirety (sorry, no Thor though) and features all the usual greats like Heath, Everett, Tuska etc… check for more info as it becomes available.

Other interesting collections scheduled for release in Spring 2009:
Creepy Vol. 3 (DARK HORSE)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Fiend from Outer Space

Without giving you a chance to catch your breath we end one theme and jump right into another, so from now until New Year’s Eve THOIA brings you: Sci-Fi Horrors Week (emphasis on the HORROR.) Also, this entire 5 day run is dedicated to my pal Dave Tackett over at Quasar Dragon, in appreciation for the grateful / continual plugging of THOIA practically every single day since he resurrected the QD earlier this year. His blog is a treasure trove of awesome FREE stuff, featuring endless links to comics, movies, books, sites / blogs etc… everything you genre freaks crave, Dave tracks it down for you and makes life easier by putting it all together in one place. Thanks again Dave for all your hard work!

Now on with the show! From the Oct '54 issue of Web of Evil #19

(NOTE: the cover image at GCD for this issue of Web of Evil #19 is wrong… below is the correct cover--- plus a few sci-fi themed Ads.)


Another show of appreciation today goes out to my pal Chuck at the Comic Book Catacombs for presenting THOIA with the 2008 Special Achievement / Recognition Ghoulie Award! Apparently I went "above and beyond the call of duty" and someone actually noticed. Thanks so much Chuck, it really means alot!
Check out the Catacombs for a fun assortment of comic book related stuff old and new… I’m rather fond of the Golden Age Jungle Girl Comic posts myself (Rulah vs. the Devil Ladies posted on Halloween 2008 is one in particular not to be missed!) Thanks again Chuck!