Thursday, October 31, 2013


Mandy Morgue from Chunky, MS is our winner of the IDW / Yoe Books Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Halloween Give-Away! Congratulations, Mandy, we've just embalmed you alive with a complete set of Chilling Archive hardcovers: Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, Bob Powell's Terror, Zombies, Jack Cole's Deadly Horror, and the soon to be released Haunted Horror 1-3 Collection! To everyone else that entered-- remember to check the other contest sponsors to see if you too have won, so start clicking HERE: IDW PUBLISHING, YOE BOOKS, All Things Ger, and Four Color Shadows! Don't see your name? Don't fret! We have lots more contests on the haunted horizon, and / or of course you can always order these creeptacular collections online, or at your local comics dealer! Thanks again to everyone that entered, and especially to all of our wonderfully weird and incredibly generous sponsors! Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us at THE HORRORS OF IT ALL!

THOIA just wouldn't be complete without a pre code horror tale... see, my son decided at the last minute to change his Mine Craft halloween costume into a terrifying ventriloquist dummy (thanks  Goosebumps Slappy!), so here we have the perfect tale to send shivers up your spine, just like a cold, manipulative hand entering you from behind to... uhhh... man, let's just read the story!

From the May 1952 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #6.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

HAUNTED HORROR #7 / Wings of Death!

HAUNTED HORROR #7 is in stores now --I would've reported this earlier in the week but I was out of the country! Anyway, I'm back and as usual here's a preview story from the new ish to kick you in the ass, as well as Mr. Karswell's die-larious intro which is of course just as much fun for me to write as it is to pick out stories for each and every goddamned issue! Oh, what's that? You didn't know that did you? Yes, each issue of HAUNTED HORROR is guaranteed 100% DAMNED by God himself! And hey, don't forget about the big IDW / Yoe Books contest giveaway as mentioned in our last post HERE-- you still have time to enter at all fellow participating sites and blogs so do it NOW and win yourself a stack of awesome pre code horrors!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Fright Fans! You have five places where you can win Yoe Books / IDW's complete Chilling Archives of Horror Comics! Yes, those spine tingling collections of banned comics from the 1950s include "Dick Briefer's Frankenstein", "Bob Powell's Terror", "Zombies", the brand new "Jack Cole's Deadly Horror" and the soon to be released "Haunted Horror 1-3" hardback are yours for the taking! Enter your name each place for your chances to win!

The scary sponsoring blogs and Facebook pages are: The Horrors of it All, Four Color Shadows, The Fabulous Fifties, the Yoe Books page on Facebook, and the IDW Publishing page also on Facebook. Visit each to win:


THOIA Pre Coders, send your name and mailing address to: to enter!

Gory details: Contest ends on the stroke of MIDNIGHT October 29th, 2013. Winners will be announced at the above URL's on Halloween so check each place! (Only continental U.S. residents eligible, you can enter the contest at all five places, but you can only win one set of books. Void where prohibited by law-- judge's decision final!)

Are you not feeling lucky because a black cat crossed your path?! You can still have a Happy Halloween: fearlessly order the books for yourself (and everyone on your Halloween gift list) at the Yoe Books site: --and as an added bonus, here's a particularly rotten tale from the Bob Powell's TERROR collection to whet your gruesome gag reflexes! ENTER NOW!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

He Dwells in a Dungeon! / My Brother... The Ghoul

As we iron-out the details of the huge upcoming YOE BOOKS contest giveaway (as promised in the last post) let's take a quick look at two tales from the May '52 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #6, --an interesting inking style on the first tale, and Hank Chapman signature on the second... both stories are excellent examples of the menacing mood and atmosphere that Atlas excelled in.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jack Cole's Deadly Horror / Custodian of the Dead (book preview)

The latest blood curdlin' book in the IDW / Yoe Books Chilling Archives series is IN STORES NOW-- it's Jack Cole's Deadly Horror and it's ready to assault your senses with 160 pages of full-color madness and terror! Click HERE to get your copy... in the meantime, check out an amazing selection from the book taken directly from the Nov '52 issue of Web of Evil #1, Cole's fabulous reworking of Henry Kuttner's creepy classic "The Graveyard Rats." And stay tuned for contest information in our next post about your chance to not only win a copy of this great new release, but also an ENTIRE set of Chilling Archives books as well as the new issue of Haunted Horror-- and more!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Horror of the Walking Corpse

Apologies for the delay in posts-- it's time to get Oct rottin' and rollin' and vomitin'! I had the putrid pleasure of spending the day recently at DAN CON 2013 with gore metal madman artist Eric Rot and his fabulously foxy better half-- Lidia Vomito! And to top it off, Chicago's most hardcore killer kouple sends over some scans of a most gruesome horror tale originally presented in the February 1954 issue of Dark Mysteries #16. Yeah, some guys 'n ghouls share sappy songs in their relationship, Eric and Lidia share this heart warming story of a love that creeps 'n crawls much deeper and darker than the haunted grave! Dig examples of Eric's own atrocities by clicking HERE!

Eric 'n Lidia