Sunday, May 19, 2019

Puppet Peril

I haven't posted a puppet tale around here in a very long time, and today's excursion into the July - August 1951 issue of Weird Adventures #2 finds us a story perfectly overflowing with the unhinged craziness that you've come to love and expect from these pulse-pounding, precode perplexers!


Guy Callaway said...

Now we know Howdy Doody's origin.
Great one!

JBM said...

I'm sorry Mr.K., but I just have to say wow again. Starts with an outstandingly lurid cover. Chucking her in the furnace. Why? Then that great splash. Terrific devil woman puppet. Such superior detail here. Ignore your wife's intuition at your own peril. "Crack". What's that movie? "Get Out"! I love how the shadow of the hunchback is shown to reveal his charge. Then the middle of page six, I'm running out of superlatives. It's echoing of the previous page perfectly propels it to new heights. That is one smart wife! Keep her close buddy. The devil woman puppet returns losing her mask and dancing in victory. Then the fourth wall comes falling down in the final frame. Everything about this tale says "well done!" Thanks as always for posting Mr.K. You're tops!

Glowworm said...

Tsk! Tsk! The things they'll let air on TV today. Sadly, Santana's puppet show seems a lot more entertaining than some of the garbage on tv that passes as entertainment these days.
Also, never invite Santana onto America's or Britain's Got Talent.

JBM said...

What does Glowworm have against Carlos?

Mestiere said...

"Some vacation, Alec! This was supposed to be our second honeymoon..." You know where we should have our second honeymoon? Post-war Germany! With the place reduced to rubble it must be really cheap! I bet they won't even spit on our food!

"Alec... Alex!!... Please... Help me!" Alec, Alex, whatever the hell your name is, husband! Something with an "A"!

"...Santana exacts payment in her own fashion!" Satana, Santana, whatever the hell my name is! What, I'm supposed to remember my own name? It has to do with either Satan or Santa!

"The puppets are miniaturized, zombified humans!" says Marjorie. "That's why they have those little numbers tattooed on their little arms! I knew we shouldn't have vacationed in Germany!"

"Look! That den of evil... Gone forever!" "Those little miniaturized people burned alive! Well, it's better than what would have happened had they stayed in a concentration camp! Oh, wait. No, it isn't!"

Glowworm said...

JBM, oh geez, I knew I was going to misspell Satana's name! Thanks for the laugh though!

JBM said...

I was just joshing Glowworm, and I did not notice as Mestiere pointed out that the letterer spelled it Santana once. Oh well.

JMR777 said...

"Enough is enough...No more horror shows or terror tales...we're taking the first plane to Europe"

-Europe, the birthplace of vampire and werewolf tales, the birthplace of Frankenstein, Europe 1951, six years after the end of World War Two and the horrors that war wrought,
Lady you have the worst sense if direction when it comes to avoiding horrors. What was wrong with Hawaii? Jamaica? Pre Castro Cuba?

Loved the weird puppet terror tale, thanks for the post.

Glowworm said...

JBM, I actually didn't notice that they misspelled Satana's name once in the comic either, although I did notice the "Alec/Alex" one.
I find it hilarious when comic books accidentally misspell things!

Brian Barnes said...

I wonder how many of these puppet tales King Diamond read?

This is one that reads and is paced like a 40s super hero story. It just seems that the writers aren't used to doing horror yet so they fall back onto the super hero story beats. I love the coloring in this one, it's bright and crazy at times, and there's some good puppets.

One thing you see a lot in horror/super-hero stories is our bad guy mentioning the key to winning (in this case, cutting the strings.). Keep your mouth shut, you idiot!

Final panel on page 4 is one of those panels that would get certain anti-comic crusaders a heart attack!

Mr. Cavin said...

I like the garish art in this one (helped along by the eyeball curdling colors, for sure). I don't think it's all that good, mind you, but the strategy employed for faking it is pretty sound: Just cram any open spaces with all the hyperactive detail possible and let the eyestrain begin. There are so many framed-out sub-panels and hovering panes that whole pages start to disappear into collage. That overlapping effect at the top of page three is pretty intense--especially with the word balloons on top. It's a really neat look, more like an infographic than sequential art, and I think it looks best zoomed-out so that all the details are crunched confusingly together and I can see the full page at once. Same with the last two pages, except for the penultimate panel. Those dancing devils just get more beautiful the bigger I make 'em.

Liz D-M said...

How does a witch explode? With a BROOM!