Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Night Air

Sometimes I think I've already posted a story here at THOIA, like this creature feature from the March 1953 issue of Weird Terror #4, when in fact I haven't, --though we did feature it in the February 2016 issue of Haunted Horror #21. And it's believed that Rudy Palais may have done the pencils here, but that is clearly not his distinctive sweaty ink style... does anyone out there recognize the possible artist?


JBM said...

Wow! Terrific tale with quality art, lettering and layouts. I can certainly see why this was chosen by you for reprinting. I love not knowing where a story is heading, and this certainly kept me in the dark. One had to wonder if the other-worldly dragon vampires were real on first seeing them. Oh sweet oblivion of alcohol, yes that will surely help matters sonny. Jarring abrupt ending but fitting. Thank you so much Mr. K..

Mestiere said...

"I considered myself a rising young doctor." This guy must have spent twenty years in graduate school.

"She's dead, Mrs. Doyle! Thelma's dead! See the deep marks on her throat Murdered! And I know how! And who did it!" "Mara's mom, Mrs. Holga, strangled Thelma! Then Mrs. Holga died, after which Thelma walked all the way to my house! Yes, that's it! Thank God for those twenty years of graduate school!"

"My father appeared as a witness against a warlock who was burned at the stake". How old was your father if they were still burning people at the stake during his life? And how old are you, Mara? You might be older than the "young" doctor.

"I couldn't have killed my wife! Don't you see? I was too drunk when I was alone with her in the house! I didn't have the strength to strangle her! Yes, I was able to violently break a window but that's because of my delirium tremens! Yes, Thelma had died strangled in my house too, but that's obviously a coincidence! Otherwise you would have arrested me then!"

"The jury might have been inclined to believe your story, doctor Atwood", says the doctor's lawyer. "But your credibility was shot. You wouldn't stop calling yourself a "young doctor"!"

Glowworm said...

The jury that declared John to be guilty wouldn't happen to be a bunch of those vampires in disguise would they? Oh wait, I'm sorry, that was the ending of "The Witches' Tale."

This is a really depressing story if you ask me. One question though, what the heck happened to John's lady housekeeper? Since Mara said that the vampires were waiting outside to draw her and her mother's blood along with that of any other female with them at the time, do you think they got her at one point during the story?

BTX said...

Actually the guy was a jerk and deserved what he got.

JMR777 said...

I'm with Thelma and her mom, night air is not a good thing, especially if you have hay fever. The pollen levels are going to be tough this year.

Great gargoyle/dragon vampires in this tale.

Wait a minute, Dracula can be translated into dragon, maybe that is one more form vampires can transform into at night.

Jonathon said...

I think you're right, there's not nearly enough sweating for this to be a Palais yarn.

Brian Barnes said...

Wow, our hero is ... an ass. There's no way around it. Forcing the windows open when a patient requested it not happen, wooing the daughter of the woman he just killed, stepping out on her instead of investigating the vampire (they are flying AROUND THE HOUSE how did you miss that? They are as big a freaking large dogs!)

None of the women deserved what they got. Our hero deserved about everything that came to him.

Page 3 is a really weird place and panel for a splash!

I like the crazy dinosaur-ish vampires (note there seems to be a couple different types.)

Mr. Cavin said...

Another story in which a predatory doctor poaches romantic conquests from the ranks of his trusting and dependent patients. In this week's episode, a bereaved and gaslighted heiress is kidnapped and methodically coerced into marriage by the raging alcoholic that killed her family. This is gothic horror at its best!

Glowworm said...

Brian Barnes--While the doctor is indeed an ass, he actually couldn't see the vampires, I think only Mara and her mother could--and maybe any other woman who happened to be with them as well at the time such as Thelma. In the second to last panel,John clearly states that while he saw nothing(which is odd for drunk people--you'd think he'd actually see the vampires while intoxicated.) He did hear a rustling in the air and Mara's face turned deathly white. He is however an idiot for letting them into the house by bashing a chair through the window

JBM said...

Glowworm ponders Mrs. Doyle's fate (the Doctor's live-in housekeeper). I reread with her in mind, and I think she was safe in her room.

Mr. Karswell said...

After much art analyzing and discussing it with others, the somewhat clear conclusion is that what we have here is definitely Palais pencils, and most likely Al Tewks inks.

Thanks for the comments... we'll be keeping it weird around here for a few more posts, so stay tombed!

Bill the Butcher said...

"I'm a rising young doctor....with white hair....who looks about 55....I tell you, the things I've seen in the medical how warlocks are still burnt at the stake in Budapest in the 20th century. Anyway, a pretty little woman like you shouldn't bother your head with all that! Or worry about your mama dying."

Wouldn't the vampire pterosaurs or whatever the hell they are also be able to fly in through the door?

And was the rising young doctor convicted of drinking his wife's blood to kill her?