Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cycle of Horror!

Ending May 2019 on a rather disgusting note, with a surprisingly gory story highlighted (hmmm, is "highlighted" even the right word?!) with some it's-so-truly-repulsive-it's-makin'-me-ill illustrations from THOIA favorite, Al Eadeh. And no, Britt, this Harvey gut-banger from the March 1953 issue of Chamber of Chills #16 is NOT about a killer dirt bike-- sheesh!!! Okay, see you goons in June!


Mestiere said...

What? He was dead all along? What a twist!

I remember thinking while watching The Sixth Sense, "wait, didn't he get shot?". But people felt offended if you figured out "the twist".
This is how you know if a movie is a gimmick movie. If knowing "the twist" permanently diminishes enjoyment on rewatching. Imagine if Star Wars was a "twist" movie. Princess Leia's rescue and everything after that was a hallucination while she was been tortured at the Death Star. When the Death Star explodes she wakes up in the torture room, screaming. What a twist! Want to watch it again ten times? I didn't think so.

Brian Barnes said...

Wow the art in this, and right from the splash!

I have to say that both Greg and pre-dead Watson were much more gross than the dead Watson, which is one thing I really love about the art in some comic books. When a character is bad or evil, he is drawn in a disgusting way. In reality, this is obviously not true, and can many times be used for racist purposes, but here for our two murdering sociopaths, it works well.

The bottom of page 2 are particularly strong panels. This is a well worn story (oops, I really was dead!) that you see a lot, but well done here.

The last panel is great. The artist putting the rat perching on the corpse's head gave me a good laugh! A real winner here.

Mr. Cavin said...

I also responded most to the curdled looking character designs here. I mean, yeah, the rat-gnawed feet on every page (and the excellent Lee Elias cover) are surprisingly explicit--and I love that--but the perverted and mutated portraiture really sails it. This is another Eadeh story that feels right for RAW or some other avant-garde eighties outsider comic about the horrors of city living.

It would never occur to me to stymie the law by burning somebody's suit off. "Welp, Sarge, that corpse might look like Fingers, but nudity prevents the ME from making a positive ID." Well, nudity and rat holes.

JBM said...

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Awful just loathsome superior art. Gritty, gory, gruesome, grotesque rats rats rats. The further in it just keeps getting worse. Appalling putrid perfection. Thank you Mr. K. for a macabre May.

Grant said...

I can't help liking that he takes time to notice the snooty looks from those hotel customers.

SidewaySmileyFace said...

This one was great. The art was detailed and gritty. The characters awful, disgusting dirty rats. I even fell for the -- didn't you know you're dead--plot twist at the end. A great little read!