Wednesday, May 22, 2019


A terror tale for those of you that didn't quite actually get the spine-tinglin' creeps from our last post, and this time from the doom-riddled December 1953 issue of Mysterious Adventures #17, with art by the always great,  always dynamic-- Doug Wildey! A big thanks again to Big T for the scans too!


Brian Barnes said...

I've seen this one, but I don't remember where. Might have been an eerie reprint.

Great art. Wildey had a lot of Wood in there and a lot of newspaper comic strip type art in him. Always turns in great work, and some really good animals here, especially the giant snake.

Good humans, good trees, good animals, good vehicles, the guy was very talented. Page 5, panel 3 is awesome.

You can see the ending coming a mile away (not counting that I've read it before) but this is another one where the journey is the important part. It sets up our doomed bad guy nicely before he gets his.

Atomic bug spray, i.e., just dropping a bomb on the place!

Mr. Cavin said...

Is it just me, or is there a page missing right before the end? I'm not sure what happens to Professor Talbot. Is he mortally wounded when Richy takes off into the woods?

I'm with Mr. Barnes on the art here. Wow, this is nice stuff. I love the plants and the schlock monsters. Great splash; and panel four of the last page is also mighty. But atomic bug spray? Seems like a terrible idea. I feel like you're either going to get giant mutant insects, radioactive spider bites, or pollinator colony collapse. I'm imagining Phase IV with an army of glowing nuclear fire ants. There's really no upside.

Mr. Karswell said...

yes, apologies... the page number is now corrected, I'm not sure what happened

Mestiere said...

"The temperature in this area is so hot that no man has ever gone beyond this point!" Then it would be a desert, not a rainforest. The temperature is really in the 70s and 80s.

Fun fact: there are fifty trees in the Amazon Jungle for every man, woman and child in the world, 390 billion.

"That night he gets drunk..." They brought booze to an expedition where they will be isolated for two years? That reminds me of the last three Apollo missions, at a cost of millions of dollars, sending those stupid Shriner cars to the moon—a place with no roads and no spare parts—and yet they forgot to bring a telescope six times in a row. Notice that the astronaut seems to be an empty suit!

"Look at those trees! The make California's redwoods look like acorns!" That sounds awesome! If we only had an artist that would show us that.

"I think I'll just rest my back against this piece of hanging paper. What, hanging paper in the jungle? My God, it's man paper, it's man paper!"

"We were going to test a new atomic insecticide!" As you know atomic stuff only kills insects. It's like in those atomic tests. All the cockroaches died but the people were all alive!

Mr. Cavin said...

Good news! Because page six is great!

JBM said...

This offering as everyone is saying is so full of fine detailing that it becomes wonderful. First look at Burns and you can see trouble. It is shown in the splash. Yes, we all could see that flies or the Prof. would have their revenge, but human paper? So, intelligent supersized flies live in the rain forest of heat? Building a fly civilization that can produce human paper. OK. Our spelling error of the piece was where the Prof. gave the leader the nickname of Costa Rican currency so it was not a mistake after all. For me the slanted lettering was cool. This was terrific. They were going kill every pest along with all life on the planet, oh the fifties. Thank you Mr. K.