Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hammer of Evil

As I mentioned in the comments yesterday, this is my personal favorite story from Voodoo #15, and without going much into the details of why, you just need to read it, like immediately, and all should be clear anyway. I do have a feeling the doods are going to enjoy this one more than the dames though, or maybe not... a few of you out there continue to surprise the hell out of me.

TOMORROW: Dead Man’s Pajamas! Ooooo!

When All Eyes & Ears photographer Dania Hurley recently submitted this pleasantly candid cemetery snapshot to us (while wearing her new THOIA tee shirt too!), it was brought to the attention of one of my top Science Sorcerers. He immediately felt “something odd” about the photo as did I, and wasted no time in running it through a rigorous series of “Supernatural Revelation Testing” in our own black magikally enhanced THOIA Photo Lab. What we found may astound and terrify you (as it did to Dania.)

EPILOGE: Ms. Hurley now rests quietly in an Ohio State Sanitarium. Please forward all cards and well wishes c/o her fabulous AEAE blog and retrOhio flickr photo pages. Get well girl!


Dane said...

*sigh* Oh well. I *was* wearing a little too much eye makeup in the original, and you've uh, fixed that for me.

Anonymous said...

Nice story, surprised they could get away with all the blatantly sexual stuff though. Also nice to see that they didn't make the girl the real monster.

Tim Tylor said...

Ooh, those science men and their crazy bombs! They get in such scrapes!

Those ancient people may have been horribly primitive, but they sure had good hair.

AndyDecker said...

Lol, you sure didn´t promised too much, karswell. This one has it all. From the beginning a tense, movielike atmosphere with the cops and the framing device, a lot of cynical snide remarks - I left her reading comic books *gg now that was educational - to more kinkyness than later DC or Marvel did in a decade.

Even if a lot of the stuff must have gone way over the head of it´s youthful audience, the "she likes to be beaten" couldn´t be more blatant. Or icky, when you think about it.

I never knew that comics from this time period could be that frank.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I didn't think "Nightmare Island" could be topped, but boy, does this ever do the trick! Deeply penetrating bombs, huh?

Marc Burkhardt said...

Wow ... I'm speechless. That's a true, blue WTF story.

Although, given the stupid mistakes our hero (?) made with Kulla I have to wonder if he was that great of a dog owner.

Forgot to feed her ... hmmph.

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't really blame them a lot." You almost get the sense this writer made this all up as he went along. And thank God for that!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

a beautiful woman that could beat up/kill all your enemies and then carry you off to her cave? i believe, i believe!

"maybe there's still a lot of the savage in us!"

Mr. Karswell said...

>surprised they could get away with all the blatantly sexual stuff though.

They didn't get away with it! Hence the dreaded CODE. I see people putting The CODE emblem on their comic related websites and blogs like it's something to be proud of. I've even seen people wearing it on shirts. Don't you realize you may as well be stapling your lips together? The Code was a blatant slap in the face to freedom of speech. Maybe you think history was correct in burning women as witches too?

TOMORROW: The last and worst story from Voodoo #15! Excited now, aint'ya?

Zen Wizard said...

Get me a yo-yo, but I kinda liked that story.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

!!!!!............!!!!!!!!!!.......!!!!!!!!....this is the most positively insane story you've ever posted,after reading it i was given a new room,funny thing is it's padded.

8thRay said...

Why haven't our modern scientists discovered that an atom bomb that blasts straight down into the earth will cause more damage? They're too busy building robots that use old peoples' medicine for fuel.

Anonymous said... Wotta story! I wonder who is responsible for writing that script???

Dane said...

Anonymous - he did indeed do my banner (both the standard & Halloween versions)! Karswell is a ridiculously talented.

Although why he need the THOIA Photo Lab to tell him that my new moisturizer apparently isn't working, I don't know ...

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you think history was correct in burning women as witches too?"

How did you get that out of my (fairly innocuous) statement?
Anyway, the story was published, so they did get away with it at least this one time, no matter what happened afterwards.
As much as I dislike the code, the comparison makes no sense too - the code was voluntary (if forced upon the publishers), could be ignored (no legal authority whatsoever) and didn't involved the government in a direct way, and possession of "uncoded" comics wasn't illegal - all things you wouldn't get with real censorship (in which case the comparison to the witch trials would be more apt, if still overblown).
That the code was a low point as far as freedom of speech goes is another matter (and one where we agree), but let's keep things in perspective here - that witch trial comparison makes about as much sense as calling someone who expresses surprise at a given movie getting away with an "R" rating (instead of an NC 17) an apologist for the Holocaust (and my apologies if this sounds more angry and offended than I intended; I'm not, I'm just surprised).

Mr. Karswell said...

Interesting. I don't think anything I said was meant to be taken THAT seriously... but I will say that for the last 50+ years the comics code uproar has consistantly been compared and referred to as a fiery "witch hunt."

I'd also like to say welcome to all the new names and faces dropping by here lately, your comments and attendance are much appreciated. And please know that we do tend to bust each others balls around here occasionally in the comments, so don't take anything anyone says too personal, we're all here to have the funz.

And thanks for the compliment Dania! For those interested I do indeed create blog banners, if anyone is interested you can contact me at for pricing and additional info. Thanks!

DrSpecter said...

If Kula's people had no real language, how did they communicate what they wanted to the beautician? Probably just pointing to a picture in a fashion magazine, just like here.

Hell, these days, you don't have to dig up a prehistoric woman to take home a hammer-wielding psycho. You can pick them up at the local bar, if you know what to look for.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to come across as overly serious either, but there is a difference between a "witch hunt" and the actual witch trials, but that might be just the historian in me - it's one of my pet peeves when people throw these historical comparisons around when talking about (comparatively) minor stuff (might seem like a trivial issue, but the picture shows citizens burning comics (bad enough), whereas "true" censorship would involve government officials (at least in a supervising function) - these kinds of distinctions are pretty much all we do today in academics). I guess I was also in a bad mood and might've read more into it than was intended.
On a more serious note: You'd be amazed though (or maybe not) how much stuff was censored in the 1950s in general and at least as far as I know no one roughed up Stan Lee or threatened his family over his work, which unfortunately happened to quite a few publishers, artists, etc.

Unknown said...

Sweet mother of Confucius. I saved this one for later, and. Well, uh.