Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Thing from the Sea

Ever have one of those days where you’re on a boat and you suddenly get thrown overboard in the middle of nowhere and then you sink to the bottom of the ocean, only to wake up dead with fish nibbling on your flesh and then you have to take a long, lonely stroll underwater back to shore just to get some simple revenge? Sucks.

From the June/July 1954 issue of Eerie #16


todd said...

Eerie is woefully underrated.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This story does have an EC look and vibe, right down to the lettering style. Not quite up to par with EC but it's close and still very good.

Sid Check?

Zombie Elf said...

Good story. The corpse is especially well colored in the splash panel. Helen's fainting pose on page 6 is classic.

Too bad Eddie got killed, because with such unflinching love and devotion from Helen an epic story-book romance was clearly in their future (not)...

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, this tale really resonates with the EC vibe and all, but I must admit that Karswell suckered me in with his opening narration .... damn, I hate when that happens.

Horror pariah said...

Yeah,this looks like the work of a love-child between Williamson & Wood.i second the love for Karswell's narration.

Anonymous said...

I know he's revenge motivated but it's also kind of funny how Seaman Eddie wants Johnny to join him so badly hand in hand under the sea. Possibly there's some necro-gay party palace at the bottom of the ocean.

Karswell said...

Great comments today, Saturdays are usually a graveyard around here so I'm glad to see some of you stop by and get suckered... er... I mean, stop by for one of my fine posts.

EC comparisons aside, "I can hold my breath... for a long, lonnnnng time!"

Anonymous said...

This story is credited to Wally Wood in the Wally Wood checklist but I think it may have been uncertain. It was originally printed in Eerie #2. Wood also had a story in Eerie #3 (The Case of the Painted Beast) and did 5 covers for Eerie.


The Vicar of VHS said...

"Helloooo Johnny! Remember meeee?"

>>Possibly there's some necro-gay party palace at the bottom of the ocean.

I was (unsurprisingly) thinking the same thing.

"We can go all over the world, you and I...hand in hand...FOREVER!" "I've forgotten Helen too! All I want is YOU, Johnny..."

Seriously, I think there was more to their relationship onboard than just DICE, iykwimaityd...

Great art, as was said. I did notice that Smithers grew some stubble between the last two panels on pg 4, though. Where's the continuity editor?

And this has to be the best zombie dialog ever:

"Johnny...I'm coming! Wait for meeeee...I can't walk very fast, Johnny, because if I go fast ,a lot of me will break off and fall..."

Nice that he wants Johnny to know everything that's going on in his un-life... :)

The Vicar of VHS said...

And Karswell, obviously the reason it's dead around here on weekends is that everybody only visits your site from work. And that's the same as stealing.

But more fun. :)

Karswell said...

Kenneth Landgraf writes:

"this is early Wally Wood with Joe Orlando. Erie Pubs country wide later reprinted this on b and w in one of their many horror pubs. KL"

Thanks Ken!

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