Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Vampire Maker!

Like yesterdays’ awesome ant invasion classic, THOIA contributor Brian Hirsch holds the horror reigns again today, and this time with the first story from an awesome, rare, 2-part, mad scientist double header. (You’ll have to come back tomorrow / Sunday for the sequel which I’m scanning right now from my own collection.) And I say “rare” because I’m unaware of any other Atlas pre-code horror tale like this that "popularly demanded" a true SEQUEL... but if you know about any others please let us know.

From the Dec ’52 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #13

*And don't forget to return tomorrow for the horrific SEQUEL to today's story, it's--- Terror in Our Town!
UPDATE: In the midst of all his THOIA scan donating and other momentous celebratin', Brian Hirsch writes in with double good news:
"There was a 2 part Atlas story in # 20 & 21 ( or around there ) with a guy time traveling to find the human race changed -- h.g. wells type stuff. By the way EMILY PAIGE HIRSCH was born at 3:12 pm on 9 / 4 / 08 weighing in at a slim, trim, buffed , chiseled & jacked 7 lbs 8oz . Her height -- 19 1/2 inches. Look out world ... "
Thanks Brian--- and congratulations on the new baby, from all of us here at THOIA!


And speaking of mad scientists--- here’s the maddest of them all! You’ve seen his userpic around these haunted halls here at THOIA for some time now, and you’ve all read his mind bending rants and ravings that make posting stories everyday here such a joy for me. Yes, all the way from one of the most exotic and erotic corners of the world (Viet Nam), and sporting his brand new THOIA shirt (which was mailed to him about 60 years ago) it’s--- Mr. Cavin!

Find out more about his fascinating life and otherworldly travels by clicking HERE!


Anonymous said...

Well,at least his research made up for his loud yammering voice...seriously,great post,i'd heard of an Atlas horror 2-parter before,but i never requested it since it would've sounded vague.i actually wonder if Stan seriously gave this a sequel because of fan response or boredom?i know SUSPENSE had a letter column,this series too?

Tim Tylor said...

Mad scientists are too darn dedicated to think of little things like security measures. If they'd only set aside a few hours for an anti-peasant death-ray (or a sleep-beam, if they're altruists like poor Gottfried). Mad-sci weapons tech would beat state of the art burning-pitch-on-stick every time.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Another Horror Sequel -

"The Last Man On Earth" by Bob Powell in Black Cat Mystery #35. Followed by...

"The Last Man Returns" by Bob Powell in Black Cat Mystery #36.

Great creepy character.

Thanks for the great blog!

Tim Tylor said...

Forgot the obvious epitaph for those naive natural vampires -
So long, Suckers!

MSTing aside, it's a pretty good story. Nice twist, and the Unnatural Abomination is grim enough to make me feel almost sorry for its targets.

Mr. Karswell said...

>"The Last Man Returns" by Bob Powell in Black Cat Mystery #36.

Thanks, I was mainly talking about Atlas but this is good to know for a future weekend double post.

And suddenly I just remembered another Atlas story with a sequel--- Russ Heath's awesome The Brain double feature, both of which I coincidently posted exactly one year ago YESTERDAY & TODAY. How totally f*&king WILD!

silvano said...

Pre-code weirdness at its best ; and Infantino rarely drew at this level of excellence in his long and illustrious career ; the closeups of the creature in page six are made of the same stuff nightmares are made ...
Can't wait to see the sequel
Thanks for sharing!

Tenebrous Kate said...

Oh boy--can't wait for part two! This was marvy: monster-style vampires, mad science, and unruly mob and a truly kickass creature. I am duly rewarded for my Saturday stop-in!

Mike H said...

Congrats, BH! May Emily grow to have great taste like her Pop!

Anonymous said...

excellent spin on the frankenstein theme and wild breath taking art

thank you!

Mr. Cavin said...


Hey thanks, CAPS! But I only deserve half the credit. Apparently, Albert Dekker was sneaking up behind me, and only Karswell's special forensic computer could bring him into resolution.

And congratulations are in order, Mr. Hirsch. So, um, congratulations.

OlmanFeelyus said...

Wow. Just found your blog. Great stuff! Thanks for doing this. I agree with Silvano, both the close-ups of the monster and of the approaching mob are fantastically evocative, pulling you right into the situation, slowing down time. Cool! I've got to go check out the sequel now.

Mr. Karswell said...

>Apparently, Albert Dekker was sneaking up behind me

Well Mr C, I couldn't give you a Thursday like you requested, but you did say "mad scientist story post" so the least I could do was unleash Uncle Al on you alongside The Vampire Maker which, (until you actually read it to the end) is possibly one of the most maddest scientist stories ever conceived.