Friday, August 15, 2008

Revenge of Professor Zarno!

Back in June we first saw our hero Lance Storm tackle his mad scientist arch nemesis Professor Zarno and the Sons of Satan (HERE!) Well, the evil Prof is back, and this time he’s unleashed his lovely but lethal Suicide Doll Squad! It’s a super fun horror action tale, equal parts T3 meets Bava's Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (but without all the extra cheese.)

From the September 1953 issue of Crime Mysteries #9

Wanna see more Lance Storm horror adventures? Let me know!

Vintage AD


Unknown said...

More Lance Storm?

Oh yes.

Tim Tylor said...

Hard to elaborate without unpleasantness, but the arrangement of suicide no. one and the railings seems topologically* odd.

*A branch of geometry concerned with... ah, look it up.

Mr. Cavin said...

Holy cow, the graphic and emasculating candle violence in this story makes me cross my legs. It's just the sort of thing that fifties decline-of-society fearmongers probably used in the courtroom. Will someone please think of the poor corrupted fifties children? It's bad enough to have even depicted a candle so graphically, but this....

Frederick said...

It's fitting that a killer robot would look like a woman; hidden strength, a heart of steel, and turning on the one that love her.

Just kidding, ladies!

Have you all been keeping up with this? Bigfoot may have been discovered! News conference today. Should be interesting!

Dave Tackett said...

Fembot - the beta version. If only he'd have said mojo instead of ring on page eight.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Oh man, another wild one! It's time for the Vicar's List of Fame again...Parental advisory, blue language follows.

* First of all, Zarno's disguise is AWESOME. It doesn't reveal anything...EXCEPT HIS MOST DISTINGUISHING FEATURES!

* Girl assasins? YES. Why do I never meet women like this? Oh yeah, because if I did, I'D BE FUCKING DEAD!

* Storm also sporting the sub-genius look. A theme?

* "Look out Lance! She's going to throw that knife at your head in mere milliseconds! You'd better move your aforementioned head out of the trajectory of that knife, the one she's about to throw, BUT FAST!"

* Knife-thrower side-boob FTW. Also, great use of 40s gangster patios by the dame before her plunge, and Storm's grasp of irony is good too. Though I would have gone with something like: "How ironic! She tried to PENETRATE me with the knife, but now SHE'S the one who's fucked!" But that's just me.

* "She's pulling that trigger! I'd better move my head out of the path of the bullet that in an instant will be flying out of that barrel at my head at supersonic speeds--BUT FAST!"

* I want a robot from Zarno's know, for household chores...

* "Designed to pass for a girl so that it could have easy access anyplace!" Cuz no one would think of stopping a GIRL! Skirts get you in ANYWHERE!

* I love the fact that even though it was designed for a stealth mission, Zarno couldn't resist making the robot look EVIL AS FUCK.

* Tattooed the numbers on their wrists? So they wouldn't forget the frequency? Seems extreme.

* "That ring of his! I should have known! AAAAAAAAH!" Also, Zarno should have insulated that lone wire stretched RIGHT across the walkway. I'm calling OSHA.

In closing, I want to see a movie version of this. The riveted-steel boob-bot melting into a puddle in the climax (ooer!) would be worth the price of admission!

Okay, I had fun. Back to work.

Kitty LeClaw said...

The redhead is rockin' some serious man-hands in the last 2 panels on page 2...

Also: Dr. Goldfoot. YES. Thank you for the reminder to re-view. The first time I watched "Bikini Machine," I couldn't believe that it was real. My head exploded a total of 7 times.

Patrick said...

The most horrific element of this story? Has to be the robotic boobies. Terrifying!!

Mr. Karswell said...

I swear, today's candle castration was purely coincidental! Cross my heart and hope to fall on a spiked iron strap-on fence.

silvano said...

Seems like the James Bond-inspired ( which were more like unintentional parodies )comics we had in Italy in tha half of the sixties , but more fun and better drawn ; I guess the sentence "it's so bad that it's good" sums it up quite well !
Thanks for sharing

Dane said...

Page 5, panel 4; Storm has brought every ounce of his formidable mental might to bear on the task of eating dinner.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more Lance Storm too, good stuff

Pierre Fournier said...

The candle job is one thing, but what about the scene, page 6, where the fembot hits the (fake) sleeping Lance with a closed fist right in the crotch?

And that vintage ad: Those eyes at the top belong to Fritz Leiber!