Monday, August 4, 2008

A Safari of Death!

Mummy Mondays begin right now...

From the May 1952 issue of Chamber of Chills #8


(Love the last line in the description for this one...)


Mysterio said...

Pretty basic premise, but very well executed. It's one of those classic horror stories where the "heroes" are such despicable cads you want to read through just to see them get theirs as the story goes on.
One thing, though: "Jackals! Vultures of the desert!" One would think that vultures are the vultures of the desert..

Maurizio Ercole said...

Hi Karswell, today I have received your fantastic shirt!!! The size is perfect. Thanks also for the gifts!!!
The Mummy mask came from the Eerie or Creepy ads, right?

Anonymous said...




Adriano (Adrio) Petrucci said...


Mr. Karswell said...

>One would think that vultures are the vultures of the desert..

Ha ha, good one Mysterio.

>today I have received your fantastic shirt!!!

Great! So that only took like what, 2 months to reach Europe?

All of the masks ads I'm posting this week are from Monster Howls #1, same issue containing the Pete Wyma and Don Orehek gags I posted over the weekend. Anyone interested can purchase one right now on ebay actually too.

So yeah, Mummies every Monday here in August. And tomorrow, (since I've been quite baffled myself about some things lately), I'm featuring a couple days of Baffling Mysteries tales. Never fear though, this blog isn't turning into an all Ace blog, there's just some things that are simply too excellent to hold back.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Rokkin like Dokken, I'm BAKK FOR THE ATAKK! Woohoo! And what a great tale to come back to! So much goodness, it can only be explicated in list form:

* "SAFARI OF DEATH"--My second-favorite kind of safari! Can't help but notice the pointed lack of big game, though..

* You can tell the guy's curses toward the jackals are revised. It started out, "Die, you sons of bitches! No, wait, that doesn't work...Sons of SATAN! That's it!"

* Nefertiti needs a sammich. SRSLY.

* "Slade Bingham: Pr0n Star"

* On p2, they are "Soon forgetting the incident in Cairo..." but then later the same page, one exclaims "So much for the curse of the dancing girl!" WHO FORGOT WHAT?

* Lots of sublimated Freudian text from the writer here--"Driven forward by their RAVENOUS LUST!" "A GAUNT, NAKED WASTELAND!" "MADDENED LUST!" Okay, dude, we get it! Find yourself a call girl already!

* p. 3: Jackals as "cannibalistic beasts"? I don' tink dat word means whatchoo tink it means...

* And another thing: why is the Queen of the Nile's tomb so far from...oh, I don't know...THE NILE?

Great art here--particularly like the silhouette of jackals feasting on the one dude, and the guy on pg 3 getting a mouthful of dirt: "Aaaargh!" And the tough guy's inflated dialog is fun from one end to the other.

Great stuff, K! Can't wait to see what else you've got down your shirt-front!

Tim Tylor said...

I never tire of watching nasty people doing each other in. :)

Patrick said...

It looks like the real curse here is to have your forearm shrink to the size of a toothpick, like poor Bingham on page 4 panel 3...

Nothing better than a good egyptian mummy's curse story to start off a Monday. I loved the panel with Bingham at the top of the hall casting his shadow on the skeletons on
the floor.

Mr. Karswell said...

So many great comments today, thanks again everyone for stopping by. And awesome to see The Vicar back too, and in surprising top notch form I might add (we should all be so lucky to take an extended, revitalizing sabbatical.)

Now, where the Hell did Horror Pariah go? Totally miss that guy...

Kitty LeClaw said...

The Vicar of VHS said: "Rokkin like Dokken"

Mrs. Thompson? I need another milk; this one all just came out my nose.

Mr. Karswell said: "we should all be so lucky to take an extended, revitalizing sabbatical"

You mean, working in your underwear isn't revitalizing?

Mr. Karswell said...

>You mean, working in your underwear isn't revitalizing?

Working in my underwear actually makes it all worse... especially when gift-giving kitties leave such wonderful "offerings" at my doorstep.

Maurizio Ercole said...

Karswell, usualy the delivery from US to Italy is more shortly... I don't know the reason of this delay. Thanks for teh info about the masks.