Monday, August 11, 2008

Marriage of the Monsters

Mummy Mondays is alive once more for Week Two, rattling it’s ancient bones, and this time exhibiting a love story that stretches far beyond anything the grave could ever hope to hold back. Apparently an equally excellent marriage of monsters consists of Moe Marcus on pencils and Rocco Mastroserio on inks.

From the October 1952 issue of Tomb of Terror #5

BLACK WEDDING by Brian Hirsch
I born of fire …..she born of man
We do as only two lovers can
Enter the church of hate and see
Us locked together in unholy matrimony

Walk the aisle my dying bride
Be mine forever by my side
Remember all the pain to each other we gave
Remember how we made hate in that grave

From the moment I saw you
I knew we’d be wed
Out loud I shout "with this ring I thee dead
"To defile and destroy we so vow
Sealed with a serpents kiss, I kiss you now

Burning in an eternity of pain
All shall suffer under our reign
Now my love, rest in Hell
Alas my bride, I slew her well.


Anonymous said...

So was he a descendant of Tut or not? that must suck to be a vengeance seeking monster,then find out you killed the wrong guy,oh well,at least they're together.i also love when Messner brings them to life with a snap and crackle,but no pop!,but he makes up for it with the "clod of protoplasm"line.wonder if this was John K's REAL inspiration for Ren's dialogue?.

silvano said...

Great little wacky story !
Mel Brooks could have made a great movie from this ...
Thanks for sharing !

Chuck Wells said...

Marriage of the monsters, huh! I like the opening panel alot, and though short, the tale is sweet.

Anonymous said...


Kitty LeClaw said...

Anonymous: I think the bandages just appear after a while, like maggots.

Brian: Great verses! A nice addendum to the story.

Word God: Today, I offer these unto you:

I died for you
You really don't understand,
My love for you
Is as old as these sands.
Buried alive for you
Buried alive...

Zombina and the Skeletones
"The Egyptian Song"

Anonymous said...

"No one can bring dead corpses to life!" As compared to a live corpse? (Well, you do find lots of living corpses in these comics, but you know what I mean.)

Patrick said...

This story was just flat out weird! Award winning line today:

"Ohhh! She has killed herself! Tleena is dead! Ohhh..."

Once again Alice Cooper would be a perfect choice for background music while reading this story... Ala "Killed by Love" from the awesome "Along Came a Spider" CD...

"I've got more to lose
More to lose than you
Cause I'm the only one
In love between us too
I know that I've been struck
By lightning from above
Cause I've been killed by love"

Emby Quinn said...

This was an interesting dichotomy. The costumes and names were the typical pseudo-ancient Egyptian claptrap, but there were genuine flashes of insight in the details of the story. I particularly like the fact that the Mad Scientist Of The Week (MSotW) didn't seem to understand a word Rah or Tleena was saying, or vice versa. (Mummies who don't speak or understand modern English! Who knew?)

And I loved the Jonny Quest screams interspersed throughout. "AIIIEEEEE!"

Mr. Karswell said...

Sounds like to me people are antsy for another Lyric Challenge. I've found two splendid judges for next week's contest (starts August 18th btw.) We're cookin' up some great ideas but I think we may have to just settle for the LC again. What's everyone think?

FYI: Jay Disbrow weaves a real weirdie here tomorrow, so until then...

Unknown said...

Another lyrics challenge sounds good to me.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Man, I really snoozed and loozed on this one! What a wild tale--an evil ancient Egyptian who quotes Shakespeare, plentiful storytelling confusion ("I give you vengeance on your rival!" Wait, aren't YOU his rival? And how is HE getting vengeance? Or did I misread?), spontaneous mummification, Extremely Suggestive boob-stabbing, resurrected Egyptians talking plain English and understanding basic electrical circuitry--the works!

That'll teach me to spend the day hunting Chupacabra with the Duke on his estate instead of reading THOIA first thing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem! I like the gruesome wordplay!

Mike H