Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Talking Skull + The Purple Claw Origin

Last day of the month, as well as the last story from the January 1954 issue of The Beyond #24. And this one goes out to my pal Fred over at Sweet Skulls, you know cuzza the whole sweet talking skull thing here today… but everyone is encouraged to enjoy it too. And I hope everyone had a great July, (to be honest I’ll be glad when fall finally gets here cuz STL is freakin’ miserable right now.)

Anyway, see ya'lls in August, more news follows today’s story…


Coming in August--- Mummy Mondays! Every Monday we’ll get all wrapped up in some mad mummy mayhem, so call your local embalmer now if you need any extra prep work.

PLUS: The Purple Claw! Yes, this August you’ll thrill to the horrifically weird nightmare adventures of The Purple Claw. He’s not a superhero mind you, just a non-average guy graced with unimaginable supernatural powers (via LeClaw!) and his uncanny will to fight all that reeks of pure stinkin’ evil.

And to get us started here's Purple C’s 2-page teaser origin… full adventures unfold right here at THOIA EVERY SATURDAY in August (on the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and the 30th.)

Originally presented in the Jan 1953 issue of The Purple Claw #1.

(to be continued...)


silvano said...

Another outstanding story !
Eeven if the contest is over I can't help but imagine this with sountrack courtesy of The Misfits :
Thanks for sharing !

Mr. Cavin said...

Sadly, the name Lucifuge Rofocale means nothing to me. But he has a Wikipedia page.

Chuck Wells said...

Purple Claw in August = okay with me!

Kitty LeClaw said...

via LeClaw!

I'm in ur head.
Diggin mah claws into ur brain.


"I'm the wolf
I'm the one you want
I'm the killer wolf
I'm 'onna pound you home
I'm the wolf
Howlin' all night
I curl up next to you
When you're all alone"

--Danzig, "Killer Wolf"

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Good story, but I'm still trying to work out Lucifuge Rofocale. Lucifer, A Clue Goof?

So the glowing purple claw did help him recover? Or did he get better by himself? But if it doesn't do anything, why build the story around it? Maybe it works on injuries and not diseases? I'm confused...

I absolutely love the amazing story lines they came up with.

Frederick said...


Thanks for the dead-ication, that story really was up my graveyard ally. Really, one of my favorites that you have posted!

A talking skull is certainly more interesting that a screaming skull. With a talking skull you can at least discuss what it wants, but with a screaming skull you just have to keep trying things until you figure it out and it shuts up. Most of the time it's either warm milk or a pacifier.

Patrick said...

Yes! Talking skulls- that's the good stuff right there! Loved the story today!

The soundtrack in my mind today was provided by doom metallers TROUBLE, and it had to be a song from their aptly titled album "THE SKULL"- so here are some lines from "Fear No Evil"

"Beware the son of Satan
born of a jackal
from the land of the demons
I believe it`s hell
The man cares nothing for you
he only wants your soul
you have the right to choose your way
don`t play the fool"

Frederick said...

The Purple Claw gave me a chuckle! Makes a good ice-cream scoop as well. He was more well-known than the other fellow who came out of the jungle and became the Puce Pincer.

Anonymous said...

thsi was a very good issue

looking forward to the purple claw stories i had them when i was a kid and they are lots of fun

Patrick said...

Let me guess- The Purple Claw died later from a nasty case of jock itch, right?

Mr. Karswell said...

Weighing in here very very late tonight, it's actually 1am the next day but I wanted to thank everyone for coming by and commenting as usual, cuz comment's are an important part of this or any blog so even if you think you have nothing to say just say it anyway, I'm dying to hear it. Good or bad, insightful or useless, sexy or salt peter... doesn't matter. This blog is for you, and without you there isn't a point. Oh god I'm rambling and need sleep... and I don't even drink...