Thursday, July 17, 2008

Broom for a Witch

This is it, the last story from Fantastic Fears #9. And what the heck, since this one reminds me a bit of when Aunt Ada came to stay, let’s play the Casting Call game again too: Hazel Court as Alicia, Kenneth Tobey as Dan, Nigel Bruce as Dr. Sykes, and Margaret Hamilton as Tabitha (of course!)

Hope you enjoyed this entire Ajax issue, a full issue presentation from Atlas starts on Monday the 21st!



Plus! Hairy Green Eyeball has a super-fun Munsters comic book story on display today, check it out HERE!


Unknown said...

I especially like the scientific explanation at the end! Yay!

Mr. Cavin said...

Then, out on the road, a car Explodes For No Apparent Reason.

Mr. Cavin said...

Okay, I was going to skip today’s fantasy casting; but I’ll have nightmares about it if I don’t see it through. It’s sci-fi, since I’m going to cast about twenty-eight years in the future, okay? Dan will be played by Emilio Ermey, the unborn son of R. Lee and Salma Hayek (I know, I know--he’s no redhead, but he can dye it for such a cherry role). Alicia can be played by the December-May love-child of Virginia Madsen and Michael C. Hall, who mostly takes after mom. The Dr. Sykes role is to be filled by John C. Reilly, who has aged remarkably gracefully into a really active seventy year old man. Lastly but not leastly, we have Matthew Lillard bringing his good name and inestimable prime time star power to the three-panel cameo role of Tabitha, one of his signature drag performances. Now you can all have the nightmares with me. Vive le future!

silvano said...

I agree with Todd ; the explanation in the end takes the first prize in this nonsense-fest... Hey Patrick ! what about the lyrics of VENOM's "Witching Hour" ?
Best Regards to all
and thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I would like to re-unite the cast of Waterboy for this one. Robert Kokol (the Colonel Sanders look-a-like) will play our occult schooled Doctor Sykes. Adam Sandler will dye his hair blond and attempt to take on a serious role as Dan. And Fairuza Balk will try and rekindle that spark of romance between her and Sandler for her role Alicia/Tabitha.

Anonymous said...

The artist is a third-rate imitator of Jack Kamen. The story is fifth rate.

Tenebrous Kate said...

Hey, I'm willing to trust the opinion of the doctor. He apparently attended the class on Correctly Identifying Witch Parephenalia that all the *other* medical students blew off. He knew that would come in handy some day.

Or... maybe he's not really a medical doctor at all. He probably got his PhD from one of those online correspondence schools...

Anonymous said...


The Vicar of VHS said...

This is the REAL story behind the TV show "Bewitched"! You think it's all fun and games, but really Darrin is constantly on the run looking for goat's blood while Tabitha runs down straying children! It's a NIGHTMARE!

Love the double profile shot at the top of pg. 5--hubby looks like a Dick Tracy character.

So many great offhand things here:

"The sleeping woman moans and writhes as Tabitha takes possession of her body!" SAY NO MOOAH!

The pilots' offhand mention of "that flying saucer we saw," followed closely by the old "I'm never gonna drink again!" trope. Gold!

The magical tansformation of the married couple's twin beds into a queen size, and then back again!

And of course, girl tied to bed on page 7 == HAWT.

This is quite the wild tale. But really, it's the story of every marriage--"You, poor sleeping fool, don't know what you're in for! You're married to a witch and don't know it! Oh, I'm going to make things miserable for you!"

We've all been there, guys, AMIRITE?

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad to see everyone enjoyed this weeks issue of Fantastic Fears and that you all had some fun with today's story in the comments (everyone except for of course that one anon guy.) Constructive comments are of course important around here, even the whiney ones so keep them fun, and most importantly keep 'em coming! Thanks.

So tomorrow something new--- I'll be accusing you of murder! And heads up, this weekend we'll be getting all sciencey and fictiony and stuff... lots of goodies lined up, even if Kamen didn't do the art.

Say, anyone know what happened to Horror Pariah? I hope he didn't explode for no apparent reason.

Patrick said...

I love how in every shot of the witch flying, she is perfectly centered against the full moon. Classic and cliche, it works perfectly!

For the casting call, here are my picks this time:
Alicia- Lovely Linda Hayden
Dan- Willem DaFoe
Dr.Sykes - Donald Pleasence
Tabitha - Florence Shauffler

Silvano chose a great heavy metal lyric with the VENOM tune, so I will have to go with lyrics from OVERKILL, and their awesome tune "Feel The Fire":

"Higher! Higher! Feel the fire!
She burns at the stake like a witch!
Kill her! Slash her, slit her thoat!
There's nothing I dispise more... than a bitch!!!
Burn her tonight!
Run, hide from the Demon's fate,
To late, the fire is lit!!!"

Looking forward to the new horrors you have in store for us Karswell!!

Kitty LeClaw said...

I love how Dan so up-front about his finances (or lack thereof). It's as though he is not concerned about his manliness at all! He must have a HUGE package.

Anonymous said...

You could write a really good horror story based on the Dr. Sykes character -- a strange man convinces a husband that his innocent wife is a witch. He slowly poisons the husband's mind and drives him insane with fear, until he convinces the man to help him grab his wife, tie her to the bed, and set fire to her. The police arrest the husband for murder and explain that Dr. Sykes is well known to them and has done this several times before. Brrrrrr.

Arben said...

I love that the pilots have already reported a flying saucer. Now I want them to pop up in various anthologies every couple of months as weird shit goes down, just a quick cut to them not believing what they're seeing and back to the main action.