Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Killers!

Day Two of Adventures into Weird Worlds #10 and also our Lyric Challenge contest! Today we have a great Bernie Krigstein creature classic… it’s one of my favorite tales by him, and one that undoubtably helped spawn the countless imitation stories that used this same plot in the Silver Age monster-fests yet to come. Awwwesome.

“Many miles away, something crawls to the surface,
Of a dark Scottish lake…” (Synchronicity 2 by The Police)



To shake things up a bit around here with the lyric contest I’ve asked two fellow, horror lovin’ bloggers to judge this week’s submissions, and on Friday night, July 25th, each judge will choose their favorite of the week and deliver their choice to me via email, where I will then post the winning names sometime on the following Saturday right here at THOIA. And please note again that this contest is not just for heavy metal lyrics, all forms / genres of music are most welcome. The more obscure and strange the better.

Let’s meet the judges: First up, from the wilds of Planet Kanada, she’s half feline, half Karnal Kountess, kalling to us from a klosed kaption kat-sket in her krypt--- Kitty LeClaw of Killer Kittens From Beyond the Grave! She’s looking for the purrrrfect lyric people, so don’t disappoint--- or feel the claw!

And Judge #2, the man with the plan, the one who actually devised this colossal cranium crushing contest, author / artist extraordinaire, metal madman--- Sir XXL Patrick “Mordacious” Kendall! And as an ADDED PRIZE BONUS: Winners! Along with the brand-spankin’ new THOIA t-shirt, Patrick will include a copy of his latest book “Question Authority: Over 1,000 Abrasive Music Trivia Questions to Grind Your Mind!”

So good luck to all, and play to win!


silvano said...

Bernie Kriegstein is one of the most underrated artists in comic history , he was years , if not decades ahead of his contemporaries ; never saw this story , anyway for me it's already a classic !
as for the "lyric contest" , I can't compete with Patrick , but it's amusing , so I'll propose a verse from Metallica's "seek and destroy" ...

Mr. Cavin said...

Well I missed yesterday, back when I thought I had seven days to post three soundtrack lyrics for this difficult assignment. Now I see I really only have five days. So today I'm doing the whole soundtrack for this post, which will hopefully account for two entries.

We start with the typical deedle-deedle-dump pah pah of the credits, flowing into the wee-weedle doo doo doo of a really boring day in class. Finally! The chump-paddah-paddah dee (repeat) of a fun fishing afternoon, slowly fading into the Beetles:

"Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday.
Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen."
...crescendoing at panel six page two with
"I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob."

Next, our heroes are dunna dunna dah-dah, dunna dah-dah running for their lives, then a moment of baaah-biddy-baaaah safety (whew!) before buhhh-buhhh drones the impending duh!-duh! doom! as they discover the lake is actually full of those monsters! We cut to a montage of swirling newspaper headlines (wheedle-wheedle-WHEEDLE dah! DAH!) and the brump brumpo tiddy brump march as the talking heads detail the military plan on the chalkboard. Somewhere in here, the track is taken over by the Ramones singing

somebody put something in my drink"

and this culminates in the tweedly-bum-bum deedle DUM-DUM relief as all the lake monsters roil up and die!

But wait! The chump-paddah-paddah dee (repeat) wells up again, shrilling out into kree-kreee-baddah-EEEEEEEEE as everyone learns the error of their own prejudice just before the world is taken over by EVEN WORSE MONSTERS! Kreee. Kreeeeedle KREEEEE! Rumble-rumble doom-doom over the credits.... The end (?).

Anonymous said...



Kitty LeClaw said...

"all forms / genres of music are most welcome"

Except that, if anyone uses an actual Killers song in this one, I will not hesitate to give you wicked Indian Burns with my tail.

Karswell said...

>not hesitate to give you wicked Indian Burns with my tail.

Actually that sounds like something I'd rather enjoy. Alot.

But yeah, I don't wanna sway anyone's vote this week, but so far Mr C has gone above and beyond the contest with the most inspired musical concept, and I'm referring specifically to the chump-paddah-paddah dees and the Rumble-rumble doom-dooms. He has effortlessly scored today's Krigstein Monsterfest the way Akira Ifukube would have.

Patrick said...

Man, Krigstein really had a great style- I love his monsters for sure!

Silvano, don't worry about outdoing me on the lyrics thing- I am just doing the contest for fun this week since I was appointed a guest judge!

Mr.Cavin really did a great job today- cool concept for the background music and all!

So my choice for today comes from METALLICA and their legendary "Pastor of Muppets" album- the song "The Thing That Should Not Be" seemed appropriate:

" Fearless wretch
He watches
Lurking beneath the sea
Timeless sleep
Has been upset
He awakens
Hunter of the shadows is rising
immortal in madness you dwell

Not dead which eternal lie
Stranger eons death may die

Drain you of your sanity
Face the thing that should not be"

Looking forward to the rest of the entries this week!

Dr.Phibes said...

Creature of the Abyss (White Skull)

In the highland, there is a hiding place
In the highland the monster lives
Under the water it is concealing
Creature of the water we want to see

Survivor from earth attack
Hidden in the sea and lake
You are the only one
Creature of the abyss
Monster from the lake

Anonymous said...

great krigstien story never saw this one before

bet blue oyster cult has a good song about sea monsters

Tim Tylor said...

For the balance-of-nature theme:

The history of the world, my sweet --
Oh, Mr. Todd,
Ooh, Mr. Todd,
What does it tell?
Is who gets eaten, and who gets to eat!
Sweeny Todd, Stephen Sondheim

Karswell said...

Wow, lots of great submissions today... from Metallica to classical scores to showtunes, to Dr Phibes quoting a metal band that even his bud Karswell has never heard of! Yes, a wonderfully varied day, this is what I like to see. Mostly I just want Kitty and Patrick to really work for that judges promotion I gave them ::whip crack!::

Mr. Cavin said...

Hey, thanks everybody.

Kitty LeClaw said...

Ow! That smarts!

More, please.