Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us KICKSTARTER! + The Skeleton's Revenge

Fans of Larry Blamire's hilarious and loving film series tribute to 50's sci-fi/horror "The Lost Skeleton", will be pleased to know that "The Boney One" is planning a third and final appearance to round out this epic trilogy of laughs and spine tingles. Dig into the recently launched (and equally hysterical) The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us Kickstarter by clicking HERE and be amazed by all the things you can do to contribute and participate so this film can get made!

Larry and Company have been great friends to THOIA over the years, and we couldn't be more pleased to see this project in the works! And to honor this event, we are dragging out this dusty old A.C. Hollingsworth skeleton classic from the October 1953 issue of Dark Mysteries #14 for one more rousing round of fun as well!


Mestiere said...
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JMR777 said...

This is a very good story that falls into the category "Back from the beyond for revenge" well drawn and well done.

The skeleton is really well drawn, though the skull appears a bit of a Halloween caricature of a skull, especially in the last panel where the skull's eyes seem to be displaying satisfaction, triumph and joy all at once.

With no gore to speak of, this tale could have been drawn in a 1970's horror comic and fit in quite nicely with the times. I could almost imagine one of the comic horror hosts of the 70's acting as the narrator to this tale and relating the narration to the readers as the story progresses. It wouldn't surprise me if this was originally a horror tale made for a radio program later swiped and altered for the comic book, it just seems so well written.

The story itself is a real gem, its a real great find Karswell!

Mr. Karswell said...

And this story is actually a repost, I think i posted it the last time Larry made a skeleton film too, haha! Anyway, my point is that there's well over 1500 posts in my archive, sometimes it's good to dig around and see what's in there, especially if you haven't been following THOIA from the beginning :)

Brian Barnes said...

@Mestiere - EC used second person a bit, and some other companies did. Usually for effect, though, like "YOU are the vampire!" kind of thing. It's a bit weird here.

Why does Hy put on a tie before going for a swim in a cave lake?

Note to self: Don't kill people with self-inscribed weapons, and don't leave the weapons at the scene!

I have a bit of bias for this one, for some reason Hy's cropped hair cut reminds me of bullies in my school, and I'm more than happy to see him get dragged to his death by a skeleton :)

Grant said...

Maybe I shouldn't bring conservation into this, but I wonder what the mining company would have done to that cave, or the whole area around it, if they had gotten hold of it. So if it weren't for the obvious thing, the murder, I wouldn't have a problem with Jack "cheating" them. Especially with that back-story about HIM making THEM rich all this time.