Monday, July 28, 2014

The Witch's Victim (PART TWO)

For those of you perplexed about how the supernatural Ellery Queen mystery of our last post (HERE) was going to pan out-- well, here's the big finish! Plus, a brief re-cap, and a witchy one-page bonus from the inside back cover of Dell's Four Color #1243. One more request to fill to finish out July 2014 here at THOIA, with lots more coming up-- and a special salute to all my friends who had a blast at SDCC over the last few days-- sorry I couldn't attend this time around, but hope to see ya all there next year!


Brian Barnes said...

Well, that was pretty obvious. I should get my junior detective badge now!

One problem with comics over TV shows (yes, I know about the books) is it's read at your own pace, so things you could gloss over on the TV (the cleaning fluid) stick out like a sore thumb when reading it as a comic.

I like the gun battle at the end (though there's the missing panel problem between the next to last and last page -- how does she get out of the house? What's the effect of the ninja smoke bomb?) -- it's pretty realistic. It's hard to hit people at a distance with hand guns in a running battle. In comics either everybody is usually a lousy shot with high powered guns or an expert shot with short muzzle guns. Not a gun guy, but I know enough to always get annoyed by that!

Staz Johnson said...

More beautiful artwork & well worth the wait. The visual storytelling could act as a masterclass for any young cartoonists learning the ropes.Thanks for posting

Mestiere said...

I knew the villain would be Iris Martin as soon as Ellery Queen said that she was a top industrial chemist. Kind of a random detail in such a short story. The case against her seemed rather circumstantial but once she pulls a gun on everybody she pretty much admitted guilt. What was the point of the little explosion if she had a gun and they all knew who she was? And escaping through the cemetery? She had a Chemistry degree but not a driver's license? It was a less enlightened time!

The story was a nice change of pace and the art was good.