Monday, July 7, 2014

The Stone Face

Here's a fast 'n fun Art Gates action / adventure horror yarn, also from the September 1954 issue of Forbidden Worlds #33 (see our last post), featuring a climax that you can really sink your teeth into! I noticed there's only one tale left from this issue to be archived here at THOIA for another full issue presentation, so that's what you'll get in the next post-- check the archive for the great cover story "Bride of the Swamp" by clicking HERE!



Brian Barnes said...

One thing I always wondered about these stories is what is the real release for the reader? The grisly comeuppance, or the fact that there is possibly a penalty for greed? Because in this world, it seems -- and maybe I'm bitter, that you can be greedy and never really pay for it -- giant stone skull or not. I think the "Stardust the Super Wizard" type endings have a bit more to them then just evil meets it's end -- for a lot of kids who might not have had that much -- it gives them a world where there's real justice.

After that rant, I'll recommend the book "Mail Order Mysteries", you'll never look at those plastic "figures" ads the same way again! These look like they are something different than flats, but I highly doubt they are that much more exciting (or licensed!)

Mestiere said...
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JMR777 said...

A great tale though the artist made one mistake, I looked on the web and saw that tommy-guns used 45 caliber ammunition while the one in the splash page rifle ammunition is flying everywhere. Well, we can't expect comic artists to get every detail right.

Grant said...

This is obviously one early horror comic story about a "primitive tribe" that goes out of its way NOT to make them bad (though I'm sure there are plenty of others). They treat two white men very well, and they get paid back by one of them in a horrible way.