Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trial by Ghost Light

Here's the wrap-up tale from the May 1951 issue of The Beyond #4, art by Ken Rice-- and a serious round of applause is in order for yet another full issue presentation here at THOIA! Check the last couple of posts for the other stories in this issue if you missed them. Lots more hellish horrors coming up all summer so stay cool, and most importantly-- STAY TOMBED!


Mestiere said...

Rather than horror it looks like the set up for a new series with a ghost hero.

On page seven, panel four we see what Jughead Jones would look like in a more photorealistic drawing. Actually those hats were popular for decades since at least the 1920s. They were made from old fedora hats cut in a zig-zag pattern and adorned with bottle caps and button pins. Even Jeff Goldblum wore one in his brief appearance in the movie Death Wish.

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, that might be the best special see-through spirit art effects I've seen. All of the art was pretty amazing for a talking head story, but those ghosts were great.

Brian Barnes said...

With these "doomed for eternity" stories, what forces the ghost to do the work set out for him? There doesn't seem to be an enforcement mechanism.

I like this story, it's less a horror story (as has been observed) and more a supernatural detective story. Also, any story with a ghostly jury gives artists the chance to draw things they want to. Robin Hood? Sure!

The girdle ad must be an early version of photoshop disasters (i.e., x-acto-knife disaster.) Her left arm is completely gone and it looks like she's stuck a diner plate in her top!