Friday, January 31, 2014

Swamp Horror

If you keyword search "swamp" in the THOIA Archive you'll find a bunch of stories set in said saturated Soggsville. They're all pretty fun and weird, but possibly none of them are as disturbing as today's offering, the 4th and final story post from the July 1953 issue of Mysteries (Weird and Strange) #2. I'll leave it at that and let ya'll see for yourself, discuss among yourselves in the comments about motherly love and all that inbred hillybilly stuff, if you please. So yep, another full issue in the can-- with lots more horrors coming up in February-- hold onto your suspenders and we'll see you then!


Liz D-M said...

I laffed.

Mestiere said...

That was pretty disturbing, in several ways.

Gabe felt guilty for not recognizing his mother after she got out of the asylum, but he obviously had not visited her in fifteen years. Didn't he feel guilty for that? Perhaps her insistence in kissing her adult son on the lips is a key to why he wouldn't visit.

How disturbing it is to think that you will survive death but stay crazy! It sort of takes the fun out of immortality.

The idea of your dead mother peeking through the windows of your house in the night, calling you, is pretty creepy. With better art it might have been memorable.

Brian Barnes said...

I swear I've seen a different version of this, did Eerie Pubs do it? Or did I see this story posted elsewhere, or even more likely, all the swamp stories have started to run together!

There certainly is a creep factor to it, but it's well within the time honored hillbillies are inbreed greedy dirty dog-kickers that comics of the time did. It's pretty ugly, because, honestly, only 60% of those are true! KIDDING!

At least we now none on things: What's worse than being kissed by the "decaying lips" of a zombie? Kissed by the decaying lips of your mother zombie!

Matthew said...

I'm a real sucker for these rotten, swamp revenge stories so this was GREAT!!! I kinda wish the mother was a little more decomposed ala Ghastly style but that's minor, really enjoyed this one. I thought Mestiere up top nailed all the disturbing and bizarre elements to this yarn.

Cheswick Stoddard said...

Oedipus meets Bocephus. Creepy as all hell, but entertaining.

And WOULD Eerie Publications have picked this up by the way? There's a couple of scenes where you could add in more blood and such, but generally, I remember they picked the more violent stuff.

Frank Forte said...

very cool!

Mr. Cavin said...

It's been a long time since we stumbled across good, freaky animal dialog in these parts. Then panel one of page seven comes along, depicting the trusty hound ferociously battle-crying "YII-IIIPE!" Fantastic!

I loved the art on this one. There was a kind of rumpled, everyday, square-chinned Johnny Craig vibe to it, especially in the mirrored panels (page two, panel four and page five, panel five) in which Gabe reacts to seeing his mom. That splash is pretty fabulous, too--I like the groovy roots here and on the bottom of page three. I really dig the merry interior details, like Gabe's patchwork quilt and the panel where he and the dog are both scratching themselves before bedding down.

I know we've all already bitched about the printing, but I wanted to ask: Did they just forget the blue pass for this whole book? Or is blue just the first thing to totally fade away? Sure makes the comic look old.

Karswell said...

Yeah I'm not sure what happened with this issue, something definitely went extra rotten in the printing-- perhaps that adds a certain something to the atmosphere though.

More dead stuff coming at you next!