Monday, February 3, 2014

The Dead Don't Sleep!

An awesomely eerie Al Eadeh tale of vengeance from beyond the grave, originally presented in the April 1954 issue of Adventures into Terror #30, and as seen here reprinted in the August 1975 issue of Uncanny Tales from the Grave #11. Nobody draws the dead as disturbingly terrifying and torturously twisted as 'ol Al!


Mestiere said...
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Brian Barnes said...

By the good lord above and the dark one below, that is an awesome story! The text is crisp and interesting, the art is incredible, especially in their broken bodies and weary look which really conveys how tired the dead are, and how much they want to rest.

There's a bit of Marley and the spooks floating outside the window in torment and a bit of Night on Bald Mountain in the art.

If I had one minor complaint, it's that the couple places the captions appeared above and below the image it was hard to follow (because of the paneling.) Still, an very minor complaint.

This is another tale that should be included in Horror Comics 101.

Damn it, Marvel, reprint these!

Mr. Cavin said...

Blood-rust! Man, the curly nature of the fingers on those dead is just sheer élan. I love this art, and I agree with the allusions Brian Barnes identified (and raise him the wafting specters in Joseph Mugnaini illustrations). I like the little detail of the gambling tattoos on the knife-ghost's hands. Fabulous.

Love that Adventures into Terror cover, too.

Unknown said...

I can't help but be somewhat reminded of Harry Clarke's gorgeous Poe lithographs. That reprint issue cover doesn't convey one iota of the original's repulsive beauty.

Mr. Karswell said...

Lots more Al Eadeh stories in the THOIA Archive, use the search engine at the top left corner of the page for more, just search his name... an incredibly unique and very underrated talent at Atlas!

UP NEXT: Gene Colan!