Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Vampire Soul!

Aka: "The Wisdom of Many, the Wit of One." Written and illustrated by Frank Robbins (plot by Doug Moench), this is an odd, fast paced, and sexy vampire tale from the Dec - Jan '74-'75 issue of House of Mystery #228. Man, I would love to see more of "Martha" in her low cut vinyl top and thigh high go-go boots-- hey, maybe someone out there can resurrect her in her own DC horror mini-series someday! See another incredible (and rare) Frank Robbins vampire fox epic in the THOIA Archive by clicking HERE!


Mestiere said...
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Morbid said...

I don't know what to think of a story that's got quotes from Proverbs and Carmine Infantino (!) in it. It reads like some kind of weird waking nightmare somebody had in the back room of DC while on a few chemicals. Frank Robbins sure makes up for his rushed style with really strong graphic layouts. Terrific image of the hands coming out of the grave clutching the cross to literally zap the vampire! Made for a great cover.

Agree about Martha getting her own new mini-series!

Thanks for posting this oddity.

Brian Barnes said...

Give Martha credit, she dressed up as a vampire long before becoming one!

You'd think that'd be a clue ... mysterious vampire attacks and you have a wife that suddenly wears a reversible blue/red cloak.

There's a bit of Warrior Woman in Martha, but this would have been before The Invaders, from where I know Robbins the most (and I think it might have a been a Kane or Kirby costume, don't remember.)

Using vampires mean we were already past the worst part of the comics code era, but it still retains it more adventure-type elements instead of horror elements. Not bad, but pretty workman like.

Robbins. I don't know what else to say, I'm super hot and cold on him. I think it works here, but, oddly, for a DC work, there's some really bad color choices here that wash it out. The inking, I'd assume Robbins, is the naturally heavy stuff we got. That kind of inky worked for people like Gil Kane, but here, it's a bit muddy.

Of course, go-go boots and mini-skirts have a way of erasing all problems!

JMR777 said...

Martha, Vampirella's long lost sister? They both have the same tastes in sexy outfits.

Tim Whitcher said...

I have this issue. Always enjoy Frank Robbins frenetic style.
Loved his work in DC's short lived "The Shadow."

JMR777 said...

An interesting detail on page four, Martha and the vampire are both visible while in the mirror we see only Martha. A subdued hint of the vampire mythos that the undead cast no reflection.

Mr. Karswell said...

More Robbins coming in 2014! Thanks for the comments :)

Grant said...

I don't blame any of you when it comes to Martha. (On Page 3, it doesn't exactly look like her neck that Peter is going for.)