Saturday, February 14, 2009

He Died Screaming

The great Jack Keller wraps up our Valentine’s Day Sweetheart theme today with this hot little tamale of a tale. You gotta love these kinds of stories featuring the greedy, old rich asshole obsessed with the lovely, greedier young lasso’frass… and this one has some inspired moments throughout, more precisely, the dialogue--- juss wait unteel you meet Ola, my lil enchillados!

From the October 1952 issue of Uncanny Tales #3

TOMORROW: Gil Kane meets Robert E. Howard in the 70’s Flashback Time Machine!


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AndyDecker said...

Yeah, right. There is this rich businessman who has all his money in a secrect room in his house stashed, because he don´t trust banks. So he builds his empire with cash only? Sure. On the other hand, he is dumb enough to seal himself in so what do we know :-)

The whole story didn´t worked for me. All the build up was for nothing, because the guy just was a stupid asshole. He would have closed the door if his cleaning lady came in.

And the ending was bizarre. It is nice that everyone could solve their problems without the old man´s money, but what on earth did the inventor there? Shouldn´t little hot Ola (she loves me mor myself and not for my money, sure she did, pal)not also be included in the little party?

One shouldn´t apply too much logic to these stories, but this just failed on too many levels.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Andy's maybe over thinking this little goofball gem. Ola was hilarious; "My grapefruit," "My tortilla," "My pumperneekel." So over-the-top, but in a way that modern comics writers could never pull off (or understand). And, yes, the Brazilian woman should be using Portugese expressions for her broken English, but hey, who cares? Laughed my ass off.

Thanks again, Kars!

sfdoomed said...

I love those Keller expressions of terror on the last page! I can't get enough of these Atlas tales and I would easily put them on the same shelf with my beloved EC.

Andy's use of logic would destroy almost every pre-code comic ever made. It is absolutely necessary to put yourself into a comic world mind frame to enjoy these tales. Doing this has allowed me to come back to comics after a ten year hiatus in logic and rationality (getting too serious in life, reading only non fiction, etc.).

Thanks for the Valentine's Atlas treats, Karswell! If I had your collection, I would have no social life.

Michael Hoskin said...

I'm used to seeing Keller's work on Kid Colt - it's rather neat to seem him in an entirely different genre.

Cindy M said...

" lil enchillados!"

Lol! :-) I'm going to remember that for sure.

Valentine's Day; did somebody say "Bah Humbug!" ?

Anonymous said...

Just one note. What possible earthly reason would this load have for making his vault soundproof? Afraid his rustling dollar bills and loudly shining gold would keep him awake at night?

Still, LOVE that Keller art. Better than I would have expected from ol' Jack.

Anonymous said...

Faulty ethnic stereotypes and faulty logic, ahhhh, pre-code comics, don't ever change. I agree that there are some stories that are just TOO illogical to enjoy, but this wasn't really one of those. I can't help but think how effective this would be for radio, though. Just imagine Charles Laughton or Sidney Greenstreet(or an uncharacteristically evil Andy Devine)in the role. Now if you excuse me i'm going to go make some enchilladas, this story got me hungry.

Cindy M said...

I especially like the vintage ads. Wonderful nostalgia. :-) Thanks for scanning/posting those too, Karswell.

Mr. Karswell said...

>I especially like the vintage ads.

It's my new thing Cindy, people are requesting and commenting on the ads sometimes as much as the stories... Karswell gives you what you want!

Thanks for stopping by today everyone, I know it was a busy holiday for some of you lovebirds out there so your comments are very much appreciated.

Sunday is another 70's Time Machine Day with a whole powerhouse of talent behind one simple story. Don't miss it!