Saturday, February 3, 2024

Skull Scavenger

Here we go with a whole new month of all new posts, and we'll start things off with a much reprinted Iger Shop skull-o-rama, from the June 1953 issue of Strange Fantasy #6.


Charles said...

It's kind of rare to have a story where no one is the bad guy and it (kinda) works out in the end. It makes a nice change.

Charon Badmann said...

Love me some Iger Shop! Wrong date, though, 1953 not 1963. Pedantically yours, CB

Mr. Karswell said...

Typo fixed, moral of the story: don't work on posts when you haven't had much sleep. Also, remember to hit the UPDATE button before the commenters notice! :P

Brian Barnes said...

I've seen this one before -- maybe a reprint or a Eerie Pub redo?

I'm with Charles here, it's nice to have these tales where there's no bad guy; no monster; no anything except doomed lovers and tortured life, and then a tidy wrap up.

There's a good bit of script convenience in this one to make it work but that's easily forgiven in a short horror tale.

I love how he just makes fun of the executioner. I love poor ol' Anne and her modern hair style. I just love these Iger Shop tales!

Bill the Butcher said...

The part about the antidote not working because of an unknown impurity in the original is straight out of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde.

Mr. Cavin said...

"You fools! I am no witch!"

Yeah, I feel like the Alchemist's Dictionary must be kinda splitting hairs with the definition of witch this guy is using. Semantics!

Lovely splash. Quite a nice story, too. I love how the end just shows up; nothing surprising or twisted, just the inevitable conclusion. Frankly, there's a bit of literary panache underpinning the proceedings here, too. I can think of more than one French romance that ends with canoodling skeletons. Nothing like old love!

Grant said...

I'm a terrible novel reader (as opposed to short stories), but I think I know which French romance you mean.

It's nice to see how understanding the two gendarmes are, unlike (I guess) most police in these kinds of stories.

As good as this story is, it's easy think that Panel 4 of Page 6 got a huge number of laughs, and still does.