Monday, February 19, 2024

What Drove Him Bats?

How batty have you ever been driven? I bet it wasn't as batty as the hero of today's tale, but of course you still have plenty of time to improve upon that lurid life quest if you try hard enough and simply ignore the townspeople's warnings! From the July 1975 issue of Witching Hour #56.


Brian Barnes said...

Post Code DC tends to read more like adventure stories than horror stories and this one is no different.

Again, though, the art just rocks. Every musty cave. Every towering castle. Every dungeon, every light fixture ... it's nuts how good some of the art is in this stuff, which more for makes up where the stories are lacking.

We get two different comic transformations; the surprise from the shadows and then the Werewolf By Night face chain. Great work, all around.

I want that crystal bat as a toy!

Glowworm said...

A giant crystal bat prism, clearly it was an old timey Bat Signal to summon Batman! Honestly though, this one is fun, I love the witch countering the spelunker's explanation for why the transformed bat went to the castle. How'd the bat learn how to talk so quickly though? It's also kind of like a body swap trope story except no one actually swaps bodies.

Mr. Cavin said...

I think vampire stories of any media consistently minimize how difficult it would be to really stab someone in the heart with a piece of wood--the armor-like breastbone, the muscles that weave a barrier above the ribs, even the dense, fibrous wad of cardiac muscle in its bag of oily blood. I mean, the pericardium is so slick it's difficult to grab a heart with both hands, let alone impale it with a stick. Killing a vampire would be way harder than spearing an unpitted green olive out of your puttanesca with a toothpick--it'd be more like doing it from the bottom, through the plate.

But this story takes the cake! Honestly officer, a bat pushed me!