Wednesday, January 31, 2024

You're Next

Oh, what the Hell! Let's squeeze one more story in and finish out the month of January 2024 on a screaming high note, eh? And let's do it the way we started off the month, with an Atlas quickie, this time from the April 1953 issue of Astonishing #24, and graced with some sizzlin' hot art by wild man, Chuck Winter. And what's up next for THOIA in Fearbruary, you ponder? Stay super tombed and you shall see!


Bill the Butcher said...

As a dentist myself I enjoyed that a great deal more than I should have.

Brian Barnes said...

"You've killed more suckers than there are eggs in a dozen." That's great! It doesn't make a lot of sense internally but it's a great noir line.

I love that splash, it really stands out! I love the weird dime-store Morticia on page 2, and who doesn't like a good pitch from demon/devil on the last page?

OK let's talk about that great cover for a second: The title is there, but also the DDS kicker -- that's one where the artist must have gotten a little bit more info. I love the zombie nurse!

Mr. Cavin said...

I've said this about Chuck Winter before--I know, I went back and checked--but I just really love the solid and formidable sense of weight he achieves in his figure drawing. These people are all carved out of oak, man. This is an artist I would have loved to see working in the late Silver Age bullpen. I imagine he would have added so much street magnitude to titles like Luke Cage.

I liked the story, too. It's maybe a little padded in the build-up, but that communicates the excruciating predicament this protagonist is suffering quite well.

Grant said...

This makes me want to see a non-horror story, where a character like Al Helfer finds a painless dentist and looks after him in a big way.
It would be a little similar to stories like THE PRESIDENT'S ANALYST, where the two spies protect the title character partly because he's their psychiatrist.