Monday, January 29, 2024

The Little Man Who Wasn't There!

One of the weirder Kirk of Scotland Yard mad science / crime mystery puzzlers, from the July 1948 issue of Manhunt #10, featuring: eyeball violence, a shrinky-dink formula, flying hypodermic needles, and lurid implications of fate for our lovely leading lady! Hold on to your pipes and fear-doras!


RM said...

"Beyond The Dreams Of Greed" is going to be thee name of my autobiography.

Brian Barnes said...

Show, don't tell. One of the problems with producing mystery comics is how most of them are thought of as written word pieces; so you get a lot of text and little pictures.

The small man thing has a lot going for it, but frankly this one kind of wiffs it at the end. Kirk doesn't even solve the puzzle, he basically stumbles upon it!

That said, I like all the 40s radio/movie serial kind of African devices. It basically ties Larrikan to it immediately!

Grant said...

Maybe not all of these villains have one-track minds, but it's hard to believe that Larrikan was going to feed Lorna to those rats, or at least that he was going to go STRAIGHT to doing that. Especially with the way she's drawn on the cover.

Mr. Cavin said...

Kirk and Anne make an excellent team. He can see forensic evidence with his naked eyes that other scientist require samples and acid tests and microscopes to isolate. And she can simply divine the answer to implausible riddles by the top of page three. Honestly, there's no way to stop a partnership like that. All they have to do is believe in themselves.

I like Larrikan's brash, opportunistic maid and really I'm glad she makes it to the end unharmed.